Star Wars Squadrons: The Best X-Wing Loadouts

X-Wings are extremely versatile. Depending on how you prefer to play, they can be quick enough to rival an interceptor class ship, or powerful enough to rip through any opponent. The modifications available in Star Wars: Squadrons can change your playstyle drastically. Now that the game is available on Xbox Game Pass, it’s time to look at the best loadouts for the X-Wing in 2021.

With two loadout slots for each starfighter, you should have a loadout ready for both the Dogfight and Fleet Battle modes. These modes are extremely different, so using the same components in both is not advised. Here are some of the best X-Wing loadouts that you should use in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Best Star Wars: Squadrons Dogfight Loadout

This loadout allows the X-Wing to become much faster than the original, giving you the edge when chasing enemies. Its maneuverability is also higher, so you can turn quicker. This makes you stronger both offensively and defensively, as you can avoid rockets whilst also locking on to opponents easier.

Here are the components you’ll need:

  • Primary Weapon: Standard Laser Cannon
  • Left Auxiliary: Repair Droid
  • Right Auxiliary: Barrage Rockets
  • Countermeasures: Particle Burst
  • Hull: Light Hull
  • Shields: Nimble Deflector
  • Engine: Unstable Engine

Strengths Of This Build

Repairing your ship’s health is key to staying in the fight, so the Repair Droid is an essential component. There are pickups around the maps that can regenerate your health, but the convenience of the repair droid cannot be missed.

The Barrage Rockets might not seem like an ideal choice. After all, they don’t lock on to enemies at all. However, Squadron’s dogfights often end up as jousting battles. This is when you and your opponent are flying directly towards each other. In this scenario, barrage rockets are ideal. You can fire them rapidly, ensuring you manage to kill your opponent first.

The Unstable Engine is another component that might seem risky at first, but its after-effect is too good to ignore. When you are killed with the unstable engine equipped, your ship will erupt in a massive explosion. This can often lead to an easy kill if your opponent is close when they kill you.

If you manage to get away, the Nimble Deflector shield rapidly recharges the shields on your ship. This component provides a 100% boost to shield regeneration, so you can have your ship ready for combat again quickly.

Weaknesses Of This Build

Despite the many strengths above, it’s also worth noting some weaknesses of this loadout.

The Light Hull drastically increases handling, but it leaves you with much less health than usual. This means that if an enemy is chasing you, you must use your maneuverability to evade them. You can’t rely on your armor to help you survive.

Likewise, the nimble deflector has negatives. It cuts your max shields by 30%, meaning you are much more susceptible to enemy attacks.

How To Use This Loadout Effectively

Focus on cutting in and out of the conflict area, dealing damage to give your allies the upper hand. You might not get many kills, but the opportunity for assists is excellent.

Stick to the outskirts of the battle. Perform quick attack runs on enemies, but do not linger in the center of the conflict. If you stay in your enemy’s sights for too long, you will be ripped to shreds.

Whilst you are flying in and out of combat, eyes are sure to be locked on you. Make sure you know how to get Glory in Star Wars: Squadrons, so that you can look your best whilst destroying the Empire.

Best Star Wars: Squadrons Fleet Battles Loadout

When facing the dreaded Star Destroyer, the fragility of the previous loadout will leave you as a blazing ball of barrelling wreckage. Instead, those playing Fleet Battles with an X-Wing should look to make their starfighter sturdier. However, this shouldn’t come at a huge cost to speed. If your speed does become significantly lower, you will be vulnerable when flying away from the Star Destroyer.

  • Primary Weapon: Standard Laser Cannon
  • Left Auxiliary: Repair Droid
  • Right Auxiliary: Gyrhil EP Ion Missile
  • Countermeasures: Particle Burst
  • Hull: Reinforced Hull
  • Shields: Ray Shield

Strengths Of This Build

The Ion Missiles are necessary for Fleet Battles’ success. You’ll be able to deal a high amount of damage as you approach the capital ship, making you much stronger than the average X-Wing.

As the Star Destroyer’s laser cannons are so powerful, you need to significantly increase your max health. The reinforced hull gives a 60% health increase, but it does reduce acceleration and maneuverability severely.

Speed is necessary to survive, so the Quadex Propulsion Engine is excellent for this loadout. It offers a 100% increase, meaning that you’ll be able to reach high speeds much quicker than the average X-Wing.

Particle Burst shines in both loadouts. Since you can’t turn quickly, particle burst allows you to maintain your course whilst blocking any incoming missiles. The particle cloud should block any missiles, provided you fly straight whilst it’s deployed.

Weaknesses Of This Build

The main drawback to this loadout is the lack of maneuverability. If enemies lock on to you, it will be very difficult to evade their missiles. The reinforced hull and propulsion engine combine to cut this down by 35%. This will have a huge effect, so make sure you are quick with countermeasures to ensure you aren’t caught by missiles.

The decrease in acceleration from the reinforced hull isn’t good either. You won’t reach high speeds as quickly as other X-Wings, but it’s worth it for the increased health.

How To Use This Loadout Effectively

Primarily use the ion missiles to attack the capital ship. Your lasers are good enough to deal with other fighters. You won’t be able to keep up with more nimble ships, so focus on bigger targets. The various cruisers and the Star Destroyer both have a lot of health, but this X-Wing loadout is well-equipped to deal with them.

Between the two loadouts, that’s a lot of different parts. If you’re struggling to afford all of these upgrades, take a look at how to get more Requisition in Star Wars: Squadrons. This should help you upgrade your X-Wing quickly, making your ship the best it can be.

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