Stardew Valley: All Of The Gifts The Dwarf Loves

Stardew Valley has a whole cast of characters with different gift preferences, and it can be quite a task to remember who loves and hates each item when trying to befriend them. But, even as you rack up hearts with the townspeople, there’s one character that you might not have any friendship points with until much later on.

The Dwarf, who lives in the upper level of the mines in town, is locked away from you behind a boulder that you can destroy until you upgrade your pickaxe to steel. As a result, you may have a decent number of hearts with almost everyone before you can meet the Dwarf. To help catch up, here’s a list of what he loves so you can give him the right gifts.


Fitting with a common trope about dwarves in many fantasy settings, the one in Stardew loves gems and colorful crystals. As a result, the Dwarf will respond warmly to many of the gems you can find in the mines, Skull Cavern, or the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island.

However, the Dwarf doesn’t love every single gem. He specifically loves the following gems: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Jade, Lemon Stone, Ruby, and Topaz.

Omni Geodes

Omni Geodes are one of the four types of geodes you can find in your Stardew Valley adventures, but they’re arguably the best. These colorful geodes can contain a ton of different minerals, gems, and artifacts.

Perhaps this is why the Dwarf loves them so much. Omni Geodes are registered next to the Dwarf’s loved gems as a loved gift. You’ll earn just as many friendship points with him for giving him an Omni Geode as you would for many of the contents you can find inside that he loves so much.

Universal Loves

There is a list of items in Stardew Valley that count as “universal” loves, meaning that they’re loved by basically everyone. The Dwarf is no exception to this list, appreciating the same universal loves as everyone else. These include the following items: the Golden Pumpkin, received by finding the chest in the maze at the Spirit’s Eve festival, the Magic Rock Candy, Pearls, Prismatic Shards, and Rabbit’s Feet.

Most of these items are very rare and very difficult to obtain, so it’s probably best to level up your friendship with the Dwarf by other means.


Giving a character a gift they love will net you a nice 80 friendship points, but they have gifts they like, too, granting you 45 friendship points. These gifts are typically much easier to find, and often, you can level up your friendship faster by more frequently delivering liked gifts than the rarer loved ones.

For the Dwarf, you’ll have quite a few options for gifts that he likes, but doesn’t quite love. This includes the universal likes, which are numerous but include most artisan goods, cooked dishes, flowers, and more. But, it also includes cave carrots and quartz, which are very easy to find in large quantities during a trip to the mines.

Additionally, the Dwarf joins Penny as the only two people who like artifacts, rather than hating them. The Dwarf used to only like the dwarven artifacts, but since update 1.5, they now like all artifacts, dwarven in origin or otherwise.

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