Stardew Valley: Every Golden Walnut Location And How to Get Them

Golden Walnuts are the newest currency in Stardew Valley. This currency is used on Ginger Island, which can be unlocked after completing the community center and repairing Willy’s boat. Golden Walnuts must be obtained from a variety of actions and are exchanged to the birds of the island to unlock areas, fast travel, and build needed facilities. In total, there are 130 golden walnuts; for players to unlock everything on the island, they will need to obtain 116 walnuts.

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This can be a daunting task as playing without using a guide makes walnut acquisition seem a bit random. The guide below is here to help you locate every golden walnut so that you can enjoy the entirety of Ginger Island.

General Actions

The first thing that players will notice is that they are gaining walnuts from is actions like fishing or harvesting. Below are the actions that can get you walnuts and how many you can expect to obtain from each action:

  • Fishing – 5 Golden Walnuts
  • Harvesting – 5 Golden Walnuts
  • Mining Mussle Nodes – 5 Golden Walnuts
  • Killing Grove Tiger Slimes – 1 Golden Walnut
  • Processing Golden Coconuts – 1 Golden Walnuts
  • Complete Pirate’s Wife Quest – 5 Golden Walnuts

Golden coconuts can be found when fishing or when shaking coconut trees, and mussle nodes can be found at the beach near the island farm.


Island East – 2 Golden Walnuts

There are two walnuts hanging around in this area; the first will be visible on a bush as soon as you enter the jungle. The second is in the foliage at the bottom of the bird shrine map.

Island West – 17 Golden Walnuts

Walking around the west side of the island will yield seven golden walnuts, all of which are out in the open and easy to navigate to. Another seven will be found by dealing in various locations around the map:

  • Center of the Blue Starfish
  • X in the Tide Pools
  • Middle of the Beach Diamonds
  • Grass Circle in Slime Grove
  • Digging in the Sand north of Birdie’s Hut
  • Middle of the Diamond Pebbles near Parrot Express
  • Next to the curved Palm Tree

Finally, a secret walnut can be found in a small path to the right of the parrot express. Enter into the trees and navigate your character slowly up the hidden path. The last can be found by entering the pirate ship wreckage.

Island North – 17 Golden Walnuts

The player can find 6 golden walnuts after repairing the bridge to the fossil quarry by simply walking the paths around this section of the island. Another eight walnuts can be found by digging in the following locations:

  • Two are located in stone circles near the southern entrance
  • In between the four flowers at the bottom of the map
  • Unusual sand near the Island Field Office
  • Stone Circle in Dig Site
  • Half Stone Circle Near Volcano Entrance
  • Stone circle near where Leo stands at the cliff
  • Under the curved palm tree on the cliff near the volcano entrance

There are also two secret paths containing walnuts, one near the right side of the volcano dungeon and the other under a curved palm tree near the southern entrance. The last walnut is located in the curved tree above the parrot express next to the volcano dungeon. To knock it down, hit the tree with your slingshot.

Island South – 4 Golden Walnuts

The first will need to be obtained by going to the northern part of the island and then walking directly under the first tree to your right. The other three can be obtained by doing the following actions:

  • Fishing in the star
  • Digging in between the barrels in the pirate cove
  • Digging in the middle of the four gold starfish on the beach


Leo’s Tree – 1 Golden Walnut

Hit the tree inside of Leo’s hut with an axe to receive the hidden walnut.

Gem Bird – 5 Golden Walnuts

On rainy days a bird will appear on the island. Take a gemstone of the same color to the shrine in the jungle. After placing the gem on the right podium, a golden walnut will appear.

Banana Offering – 3 Golden Walnuts

Place a banana on the pedestal near Leo’s hut in the jungle to get three golden walnuts from the resident gorilla.

Gourmand Frog – 15 Golden Walnuts

The frog will cryptically request a melon, garlic, and wheat, all at different times. Bringing him each of these crops will award 15 golden walnuts in total.

Whack a Mole – 1 Golden Walnut

Find the green mole on the beach and cover three of the holes with furniture. Hit him with your pickaxe at the fourth hole to win a walnut.

Crystal Puzzle – 3 Golden Walnuts

For this puzzle, find the hidden cave under the tree that is across from the parrot express. This is rather simple; simply interact with the same crystals that light up to earn the walnuts.

Musical Rocks – 5 Golden Walnuts

During a rainy day, go to the beach near the resort to find a mermaid. There will be six rocks on the beach that you will need to place flute blocks around and tune in order to win the walnuts.

Darts – 3 Golden Walnuts

On clear nights head to the pirate cove and play a game of dart three times.

Field Office

Survey – 2 Golden Walnuts

Answer the two survey questions correctly; the answers are 22 purple flowers and 18 purple starfish.

Donations – 11 Golden Walnuts

Find and donate all pieces of the snake, mummified frog, mummified bat, and large animal to earn 11 golden walnuts.

Volcano Dungeon

By exploring and reaching the top of the volcano dungeon, players can gather a total 0f 19 golden walnuts from the following actions:

  • Mining, Fighting, and Chests – 17 Golden Walnuts
  • Forge – 2 Golden Walnuts

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