Starfield Composer Says It Will Give You A "Deeper Perspective To Your Whole Being"

Bethesda's '1,000 planets' promise for Starfield didn't exactly have the desired effect that the developer was hoping it would. Instead of getting fans hyped for all the time they could spend exploring, there was also a large portion of them worried that most of them will be boring, procedurally generated wastelands with one grey building which would feature in a fetch quest. While opinions are split on this, the game's music composer, Inon Zur insisted that it was deeper than that.

As spotted by wccftech, in a conversation on the Nikhil Hogan Show, the award-winning musician gave us a bit of insight into how we might feel upon completing the game. "Starfield is a deep game, it's a philosophical game," explained Zur. "It's a game that will consume a lot of… if you want to play Starfield it'll consume a lot of your being. I believe that after Starfield, you will be a bit of… I wouldn't say changed person, but it will definitely give you another perspective. Maybe a deeper perspective to your whole being."

As has been the case with any promotional material for it, Zur noted that Starfield is a huge game, larger than anything Bethesda has previously embarked upon, but its size isn't its only defining feature. He believes that Starfield's core is about the courage to ask questions and the effort to seek answers. So, hopping from one planet to another isn't just about the science of space travel, but the philosophy of space exploration.

"It's not about how it looks, it's not about how the gameplay is, although they're also incredible, but it's not about that," he explained. "It's about the story and the ability to write your own story within the story that Starfield really is. In your ability to ask questions, seek for their answers, and maybe get them."

Perhaps we would have caught a glimpse of what Zur was talking about at Gamescom 2022. The space-based RPG was set to feature at the event, but all mention of it was removed before the show. It isn't clear whether this sudden change in plans was due to philosophical reasons or technological ones.

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