Starfield Modders Are Already Planning For Buggy Launch

Modders are known for creating additions and fixes for PC games almost immediately after they launch. The Starfield modding community has now gone one better than that. Those who plan on modding the game, which doesn't even have an official release date yet, have already started to plan for the inevitable issues that will need fixing when Bethesda's ambitious title eventually arrives.

As reported by PCGamesN, the group is collectively known as the Starfield Community Patch, or SCP for short, and has already begun to get its ducks in a row. The SCP is described as a “collective effort by mod authors and the wider player community of Starfield to fix bugs, errors and other inconsistencies present in the game.” The initiative has been organized well ahead of time so modders can easily communicate, making sure no two people or groups are working on fixes for the same issue at the same time.

That will ensure as many issues with Starfield at launch can be fixed as quickly as possible. The SCP also invites Starfield players who won't be modding the game to inform them of any bugs and issues they encounter, enabling them to discover and fix them right away. “The overall goal is to improve the vanilla experience for all players,” the SCP explains, listing everything from misplaced objects to game-breaking exploits as problems it will be collectively fixing at launch.

If you're reading this thinking this sounds like a little much, you may not be familiar with some of the infamous issues other large-scale Bethesda games have had at launch. In Fallout: New Vegas, modders were the first ones to fix Doc Mitchell's spinning head. In Skyrim, it was oversized chickens that needed to be dealt with. In defense of Bethesda, that second one is probably a bug most players were amused by.

Starfield's launch has been pushed into 2023, hinting that Bethesda is pretty serious about making sure its as polished as possible before it offers it up to the world. However, with more than 1000 planets to explore, it is almost definitely going to be the studio's biggest game to date. There will be problems at launch, and thanks to the SCP, you won't have to wait for Bethesda to fix some of those issues.

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