Steam Might Have Leaked Psychonauts 2’s Release Date

Steam might have revealed Psychonauts 2’s release date as August 25th, after changing the game’s position on its “coming soon” list.

This was spotted by ResetEra user GrrImAFridge, who posted a screenshot of Psychonauts 2 on Steam’s “coming soon” list. Despite being listed as “2021”, it’s slotted between two other games releasing on August 25th, which implies that it might be releasing on that date.

What makes this more interesting is that the game was originally placed on December 31st, a clear placeholder date. That means that the Steam database updated the game’s release date and placed it in August, which wouldn’t really make sense without some sort of reasoning or data shifting behind the scenes.

This isn’t the first time this has happened within the Steam database either, as the Days Gone Steam release date was revealed in the same manner. That leak ended up being true, which lends credence to this being the case here as well. Some users on ResetEra have also pointed out that August is also when the Double Fine 20th Anniversary art book starts shipping.

Since being spotted by Idle Sloth, Psychonauts 2 has gone back to its placeholder position and has been removed from August. Either Steam accidentally revealed the game’s release date a little early, or the placement was a legitimate mistake from them. Considering the same thing happened with Days Gone, it certainly seems like the former.

When combining this with all of the information being revealed about Psychonauts 2 lately, including appearing on rating’s boards and being briefly available for download on the Microsoft store, it certainly seems likely that August is the game’s release month.

Double Fine has gone out of its way to confirm over and over again that the game really is coming out this year, so it won’t be far off from August if this date ends up being false. In fact, it’s likely that we’ll find out more about the game at Microsoft’s E3 conference, which will likely include revealing its release date.

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