Steam's New Search Features Will Make It Easier To Filter Your Results

Steam is finally updating its storefront search system, with all new filters and quality of life improvements being added through a new update from Steam labs. These additions are a part of experimental changes Valve is making to the platform based on user feedback.

Previously, Steam users would have to scroll through a seemingly endless catalogue of games to find that one game they forgot the name of. Thanks to the new search system users will be able to filter out games already purchased, on a wishlist, or ignored. A maximum price can also be set to help sort through games within your budget.

These filters will now allow you to exclude tags, or hide games that require the use of a VR headset without removing VR games which can be run on a monitor.

While these changes may not feel like much, the update will hopefully make sorting through the vast ocean of games on Steam somewhat easier. This update is the second Steam Labs release of 2020, with more set to release down the line.

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