Steelrising: Luxembourg Part 2, Quartier du Theatre-Francais Walkthrough

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So, you are probably feeling pretty good about yourself now. You just beat your third Titan—the dreaded Alchemist Of Luxembourg—and you probably think that you have a pretty good handle on this Steelrising game. But do you know what will put a damper on that feeling? Getting hopelessly, horrifically lost.

This guide is going to deal with the back half of the Quartier du Theatre-Francais. This section is genuinely pretty damn tricky. The routes you need to take in order to pass through it are not immediately obvious. It is tremendously easy to get lost, frustrated, and feel hopeless. In fact, there is a solid chance that is why you looked up this very guide. But don't worry. We've got you! We'll take you through this tricky little area one step at a time!

Palais Du Luxembourg

So, for starters, make sure to grab the items off of the corpse of The Alchemist. This is where you will get the Orichalcum Ingot, which is what you need for your final weapon upgrade. You will also get the Grade 2 Survival Instinct Module and a Module Key. Now, in the back corner of the arena is a damaged wall. You are going to want to kick that wall down.

That's right, those partially broken walls, and gates with that weird metal insignia that you have been seeing throughout the game? We can break through them now! So that is exactly what we are going to do. Now, move through the hallway, jump on those boxes, and hop up to the floor above. Jump out the window, and you will be back on the streets of the Quartier du Theatre-Francais. Though this will be a section that you have yet to explore.

Quartier Du Theatre-Francais

Activate the Vestal; then, with your back to the building you just popped out of, take a right. You will fight a pair of those Shielded Lancers. There are some vials and alchemical capsules kicking around, so pick those up, then go down the last alley on your left. There will be one of those legless Lunging Automats waiting for you at the end of it. Take it out, and grab the nearby Noble Spirit. Now, you can travel through doorway on your right, and you will be on the main path, but before you do that, backtrack to where you fought that Shielded Lancer Automats. Look behind the carriages, and you will find a giant hole in the ground. Jump down that hole, and you will be in the Luxembourg Sewer!

Luxembourg Sewers

The Luxembourg sewer is extremely linear; as you travel through it, you will fight a bunch of Snake-Bodied Automats. Break down the wall, and you will be back in the Gardens. There are some weapon upgrade materials down here, so it is worth clearing this area out. Once you are back in the gardens, climb the stairs and take a left. Eventually, you will reach the spot where you fought the Automat Ram; there is a gate that you can break down here with your new ability. Do so and you will be back in the Quartier du Theatre-Francais after briefly passing through the Quartier de Saint-Andre des Arts. You will be, essentially, where you would have been if you took that right earlier.

(Return To) Quartier Du Theatre-Francais

The first Automat you will encounter is a Snake-Bodied Automat. They are alone and can be dispatched pretty quickly. This is the ice variant, but you fight them the exact same way. Now, further down the line, you are going to fight an all-new variant. This one sorta fights like the Lancer-types, but instead of wielding a spear, they have a sword on each arm.

These Automats hit extremely hard, and are super dangerous. In fact, when they hunch down, they are preparing to perform a lunging attack. This attack does enough damage that it may actually kill you (even if you have full health) unless you have been diligently upgrading your health stat. Thankfully, before every swipe of their sword, they rear back, making them pretty easy to predict.

When you fight the Blade-Armed Automat it will be accompanied by a Spider Automat. As per usual, you are going to want to kill the Spider Automat as quickly as possible, as you don't want it buffing its compatriot. Once you clear these two out, look around, and you will find the same pairing again. That's right, you will locate another Blade-Armed Automat and Spider Automat (this time with a Fencer joining their party).

Once you clear them out, look above; you will see a grappling point that leads to an apartment way up above. Use your grappling hook to get up there; inside the chest in this apartment is the Doctor's Pouch, which you need in order to complete The Tuileries citizen sidequest (the one with the surgeon). After you have the pouch, jump back down.

Now, look for a bit of scaffolding under a window. Climb it, and then move through the apartment. Jump from balcony to balcony. Eventually, you will encounter a giant gap. Use your air dash to clear it. Then, kick the damaged wall down. This will lead you to another balcony. Jump across to the rooftop to your left, grab the bombs, drop down to the balcony below, enter the apartment and grab the upgrade materials. Now, hop down to the street below. You will have to fight one of those Butcher Automats paired with a Spider Automat. Try to fight them in the clearing.

Now, head down the alley, and take out the Lunging Automat. With all the enemies dead, go back and unlock the door under the balcony you initially emerged from. This will give you a shortcut back to where you fought one of those Blade-Armed Automats.

Now, head back to the alley, jump from the staircase on the right, to the balcony on the left. Then, from the balcony on the left, jump to the balcony on the right. Now, the main path is through that apartment, but first, you should jump to the other balcony beside this one, and grab the Noble Spirit. Once you walk through that apartment, kick down the wall, and then take a left down the stairs. Congratulations, you are back at your buggy! There is a cutscene nearby, just travel up the stairs that lead you to your buggy to see it (your compass will lead you there). Once you watch that, you will be done with Luxembourg. For now, at least.

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