Stormgate Revealed By Frost Giant Studios

Stormgate was just revealed at the Summer Game Fest. It's an all-new RTS coming from Frost Giant Studios, a team of ex-Blizzard developers who worked on the Starcraft series.

In the cinematic trailer we saw two of the game's factions doing battle. The human resistance, utilising archeologists, old relics, and futuristic robots, and the infernal hosts, demon-like creatures from another world.

What exactly is a stormgate, I hear you ask? Well, it's a gateway to other worlds that opens during solar storms – it's what the Infernal Host came through. The game is set hundreds of years on a future Earth, where this sort of thing is normal, apparently.

Frost Giant Studios wants to make the RTS genre more approachable, and to that end they've decided to make Stormgate "free-to-play but not pay-to-win," unlike some games.

In the cinematic trailer, we see a human archaeologist pop a crystal into a holographic remnant of a knight. It assembles a shield that she then usees to deflect blows from one of the Infernal Host – demonic creatures that look suspiciously like the bad guy in Ring Fit.

The archaeologist is able to dodge and deflect for a time, but it's clear they're bested. Fortunately, an ally in a huge robot comes and lays the smack down on the demon.

It's a close fight, with the pair exchanging blows and seemingly caught in a stalemate. Just as it seems the demon may get the upper hand, the robot launches a missile at it and destroys it. It picks up the archaeologist and they fly off before a swarm of the demons flocks the arena.

The beta is coming in 2023 and you can sign up now!

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