Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is all about slaying Chaos

The rumoured Final Fantasy game from Team Ninja has been formally announced, although it looks more like a Devil May Cry game.

It was already speculated that Square Enix had another PlayStation 5 exclusive Final Fantasy game in the works besides Final Fantasy 16. And apparently it would play like Dark Souls or Nioh. Turns out those rumours were only half right, as while there is another Final Fantasy in development, it’s not exclusive to the PS5.

During Square Enix’s E3 showcase, it shared a formal announcement of the game in question. And while it is coming from Team Ninja, the studio behind the Nioh games, and has a more grim and grittier arty style compared to previous Final Fantasy games, (it even appears to be set in a very Dark Souls-like castle), its action gameplay looks slightly more reminiscent of a Devil May Cry game.

Exact details are still thin, aside from the ridiculously long name, Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. But with its three heroes seeking to kill a being called Chaos and referring to themselves as Warriors of Light, the game appears to be connected to the very first Final Fantasy game.

In fact, Garland, a major antagonist from the first Final Fantasy, makes a very prominent appearance and could even be the main villain of the game, as he declares himself to be Chaos.

It also sounds like Christopher Sabat, who voiced Garland in the Dissidia fighting games, has reprised his role; a decision that’s sure to please fans of the character.

While the game is multiplatform, Square Enix has also confirmed that a trial version is available from today until June 24 on the PS5. Anyone who takes part in the trial version will be invited to participate in a survey as well to provide feedback.

Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is scheduled to release in 2022 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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