Stranger Things 4 Trailer Shows Vecna And Superpowered Max

Stranger Things will return next month for its fourth season. Atypical to what Netflix usually does, the entire show will not be dropped for you to binge-watch all in one go. Instead, Stranger Things 4 has been split into two volumes. The first batch of episodes will arrive on May 27, 2022, with volume two following in July.

The latest trailer for season four has given us a bigger and better glimpse into where the cast will be for season four, including a look at some of the even more daunting challenges they'll be faced with. It's been a while since season three, which means Eleven and the gang have aged up quite a bit. Speaking of Eleven, she and Will have been separated from the rest of the crew, attending high school elsewhere while the rest of them remain in Hawkins.

The trouble is, as was demonstrated at the end of season three, Hawkins isn't the only place on Earth affected by The Upside Down and everything that calls it home. This is a global problem, one the world needs Eleven to help fix. One pretty major issue, Elle no longer has her powers. That might explain why Max is shown levitating. Perhaps Eleven's powers have been transferred to her somehow. Whether that's a good or a bad thing remains to be seen.

The Hawkins kids have been faced with increasingly more powerful enemies from The Upside Down with each passing season, and season four will be no different. The trailer ends on a monster that will likely be known as Vecna. An educated guess by Stranger Things fans since the second episode of season four will be called Vecna's Curse. Whatever this monster is, it can speak English and is likely far more powerful than The Mindflayer and Demogorgans, which are shown fighting prisoners, including Jim Hopper, for sport.

There is even more to unpack from the trailer than the key points that have been covered here. The name on Billy's grave changing to William, for example. Plus, how exactly Hopper gets from Russia to the US during what was an infamously tricky time between the two nations what with the show being set during the 1980s. Season four of Stranger Things will kick off exclusively on Netflix on May 27, at which point the gang can finally begin their quest to rid their world of The Upside Down once and for all.

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