Streamer Surprises Potty-Mouthed Bartender With Comeback In Fluent Japanese

A local Japanese bartender received an unpleasant surprise when Twitch streamer “Starbitzychan” caught onto his less-than-subtle attempt to sneak inappropriate language into her broadcast. The unfortunate soul assumed that the Western-born streamer (who at the time was having a conversation in English) was not fluent in Japanese – an assumption he soon came to regret.

After Starbitzychan roasted the bartender (as well as the local beside her) for the rude vocabulary that spewed from their mouths, they were both tomato-red with embarrassment. For those who aren’t fluent, multiple Redditors were kind enough to translate the “very naughty” words.

Now more than ever, assumptions about linguistic ability based on looks alone is a foolish move. Starbitzychan is an actress and model who, according to her Twitch page, has been living in Japan for seven years.

There is an amazing niche on Twitch comprised of streamers who are expatriots – completely fluent in languages that would surprise anyone who saw them. Their IRL content often leads to surprised natives who don’t expect “foreigners” to be fluent in their native tongue.

JakenbakeLIVE is one of the most popular of these streamers on Twitch, fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese despite his American nationality. He currently resides in Tokyo and dishes out some amazing IRL content.

This is just one of many examples of Jake shocking locals with his language skills. It goes without saying that not many Westerners have developed fluency in languages such as Japanese, so it is quite funny to see the reactions of people that Jake interacts with during his streams.

Regarding Starbitzychan’s hilarious mishap at the bar – the situation is reminiscent of a viral comedy sketch that was published on the YouTube channel “helpmefindparents.” The skit pokes fun at how looks can be deceiving.

It’s safe to say that the bartender learned his lesson after getting sternly chewed out by Starbitzychan in public. It is one thing to assume another’s cultural background, but another thing entirely to try and sneak explicit language into the background of a livestream. All-in-all, the Twitch streamer was completely unoffended by the failed prank and simply faked her anger for the sake of comedy.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit, YouTube

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