Streamer xQc Has Gotten "More Death Threats In An Hour" Than In The "Past Six Years" Thanks To Reddit Place Event

The popular streamer on Twitch xQc said that he received “more death threats in an hour” than in the “past six years” after having taken part in the recent Place event on Reddit. The content creator streamed his participation in the event, breaking the Twitch Peak Viewership Record in the process. He attracted over 233,000 viewers.

Place began as a collaborative project and social experiment on Reddit back in April, 2017. The event involved creating a canvas which users were able to edit by changing the color of a single pixel. Having placed their pixel, users were prevented from editing the canvas by a timer which ran from 5 to 20 minutes. Place was officially concluded on April 3 after having run for 72 hours. Well over a million users took part, placing more than 16 million pixels.

The event was held for a second time on Reddit this past weekend, beginning on April 1, 2022 and concluding four days later. Several streamers and well known content creators participated, but few managed to attract as much attention as xQc. The festivities took a turn for the worse when xQc asked his followers to attack some fans of My Little Pony, reducing their picture of Rainbow Dash into a bunch of black dots in just a matter of minutes.

“I have gotten more death threats in an hour than I have gotten in the past six years combined from changing pixels from one color to another on a corporate website that makes your fucking lights flash on your monitor through a piece of fucking plastic,” xQc complained. “I’m not even kidding you. It is literally an actual corporate fucking website that projects lights on your monitor.”

The streamer pointed out that in the grand scheme of things, the Place event is of relatively little importance. “Imagine if you took this much care and this much action in your life in other things that mattered like making something of yourself rather than participating in cold, angry violence because some fucking colors changed. That is fucking illness.”

While the content creator was understandably upset in the heat of the moment, xQc later calmed down enough to reflect on the situation more broadly, coming to the conclusion that he should apologize for his actions. “At the end of the day, whatever you think is ‘destroyed’ and rebuilt, it gave you something to do,” the streamer said. “I’m sorry if I hurt or ‘malded’ you. I thought this was just a canvas for fun on a fun website.”

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