Suikoden Spiritual Successor Eiyuden Chronicle Was The Biggest Kickstarter Of 2020

2020 has been a record-breaking year for gaming. Continuing on the trek of impressive sales and funding, Rabbit & Bear Studios’ spiritual successor to Suikoden, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, raised an incredible $4.6 million.

As reported by Polygon, Rabbit & Bear Studios had the most successful video game Kickstarter of the year. The Kickstarter originally asked for just a little over $500,000 to create the game, but quickly surpassed that number before the campaign ended. Speaking to just how much fans miss Suikoden, every single stretch goal for the campaign was met. That means you’ll see things like a fully orchestrated soundtrack, new minigames, several new systems, voice acting, and additional language support, among other bonuses.

The project boasts talent any fan of the classic series would be happy to see like director and producer Yoshitaka Murayama (Suikoden 1 and 2), designer Junko Kawano (Suikoden 1 and 4), and others. Even Koji Igarashi offered words of encouragement on the project, vouching for the team’s credibility. If you haven’t seen it yet, their Kickstarter announcement video is actually the most ridiculous and amazing thing ever.

The team at Rabbit & Bear Studios promises they will complete the game in two and a half years. In an FAQ, it’s noted that the studio’s partner, Coyote Runner, can provide development resources should the studio need additional support. The FAQ also points out a few other notable points like no platform exclusivity, publisher discussions, and beta details.

Polygon’s article makes a few other interesting points, like Japan being home to two of the biggest Kickstarter projects, and that Tabletop games and accessories saw an increase of more than 32% in Kickstarter funding.

Despite the pandemic, 2020 continues to be a year for the books for a number of franchises. That’s not even just in sales either, as people clamor to watch their favorite games online now too. It’s been a challenging year, to say the least, but there are a few victories for folks needing something to look forward to.

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