Super Mega Baseball 3 launches in April with cross-platform multiplayer

One of the best new baseball video game franchises is getting another sequel. Developer Metalhead Software is launching Super Mega Baseball 3 across consoles and PC next month. For this outing, the studio is improving its simulation model, beefing up the online competitive modes, and adding cross-platform multiplayer.

Super Mega Baseball 3 hits Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam in April for $45. Metalhead is packing the game full of new features and content. It’s also pledging to include all of its content for that one price. This means you won’t have to nickle-and-dime your way to a complete experience with microtransactions.

“This is the most well-rounded experience we’ve put together yet with a lot of content and a good variety of modes that cover single player and online gameplay,” Metalhead cofounder Scott Drader said. “We’ve kept it simple — one purchase gets you the whole package and there are no in-game purchases.”

As for what’s new, Metalhead is pointing to a number of key improvements and additions. It claims the game’s difficulty is more scaleable than ever regardless of your abilities. Super Mega Baseball 3 is also introducing a deeper take on base running, wild pitches, designated hitters, and more.

Beyond the on-the-field changes, Super Mega Baseball 3 also features a new Franchise mode. This simulates the passage of time across multiple seasons, so you will have to deal with aging players retiring and then developing rookies to replace them.

In multiplayer, you can compete online in the cross-platform Pennant Race mode. This enables you to climb a ladder to more competitive divisions depending on your skill level. For something more local, you can also customize your own seasons and playoff-style brackets.

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