Super Nintendo World Florida Won’t Open Until 2025

Nintendo fans in the USA – particularly in Florida – received some bad news today regarding progress on Super Nintendo World’s opening at Universal Studios Orlando. The condensed version of the Japanese theme park won’t be opening in Florida until at least 2025 due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

We can’t blame this one on Bowser, as it seems more time is needed to re-hire crews that were put on pause because of the public health situation. It isn’t all bad news regarding North America getting its own version, however. Work is still progressing on the west coast for Super Nintendo World Hollywood. That is likely to open in the next year or two but will be much smaller.

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Because the theme parks planned for the States are going to be condensed, certain attractions that are prominent in Japan may not be featured here.  One ride that was seemingly absent from a construction update video was Yoshi’s Adventure. What has been seen so far is Bowser’s Castle framework that contains the immersive Mario Kart ride. Despite getting a sampler size version, it’s still going to give us a great taste of everything people love about the franchise.

One thing that makes this type of theme park so unique is how focused it is on visitors interacting beyond the rides themselves. As shown in a Nintendo Direct dedicated entirely to previewing it, guests can purchase bands that will allow them to play various games throughout the land.

The original theme park is already expanding with news of a Donkey Kong area under construction. Due to the pandemic, its original Grand Opening was also pushed back from the summer. It opened officially in February with safety measures in place such as limited visitor capacity.

That’s not the end of Mario seemingly spreading his joy all over the world. Another Nintendo World park is also scheduled to open in Singapore with no planned date yet. However, as long as it has a fraction of some of the yummy food and some cool merchandise, it’s guaranteed to be a success.

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