Survival RPG Sunless Sea Free Next Week On The Epic Games Store

Failbetter Games’ Sunless Sea, described as “a nautical roguelike in glorious 2D, presenting a non-linear, choice-heavy, personalised experience,” will be free to download on the Epic Games Store from February 25 until March 4.

The game will replace this week’s free titles — Absolute Drift, a racing game developed and published by Funselektor Labs, and Rage 2, a post-apocalyptic shooter from id Software and Avalanche Studios. Both games are free to download until February 25.

Sunless Sea, released on February 6, 2015, for Windows and OS X following a successful Kickstarter campaign, is set in the universe of Failbetter’s browser adventure game Fallen London, in which Victorian-era London has been moved below the Earth’s surface, near the Unterzee, a vast underground ocean.

Fasilbetter’s description of the gameplay reads, “Choose your ship, name your captain, and leave the bustle of the docks for the wild and lightless depths of the Unterzee. The map changes every time you play, and every officer in your crew has their own story.”

Sunless Sea has received mostly positive reviews from critics, who have praised the writing and setting. The game won Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s award for Best Game Writing of 2014, and was nominated for a Writer’s Guild of Great Britain Best Writing in Videogames Award in 2015.

A sequel to the game, Sunless Skies, was announced in September 2016. It surpassed its funding goals on Kickstarter and was released on January 31, 2019. Described as a Gothic Horror RPG, Sunless Skies is set ten years after the events of Sunless Sea.

The game, in which the player takes on the role of the captain of an interplanetary locomotive, was inspired by works of CS Lewis, HG Wells, and Leigh Brackett as well as Art Nouveau and the 1999 game Planescape: Torment.

According to Epic, 160 million PC users have visited the the Epic Games Store since launching in December 2018. The company has been giving away free titles each week since the storefront’s debut, including 103 games in 2020, collectively worth $2,407. Epic says users downloaded over 749 million free titles last year.

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