Tactical Breach Wizards’ Turn-Based Tactics Showcased In New Gameplay Trailer

Tactical Breach Wizards mixes spells and heavy tactical gear in a creative mishmash of old and new concepts. Being developed by Suspicious Developments on Steam, Tactical Breach Wizards’ creator recently shared a seven-minute gameplay trailer exploring its first act.

The thought of gun-wielding wizards is rather terrifying, and Tactical Breach Wizards plans to exploit the skills of these characters within turn-based combat. The title has been given the release date of “When it’s done”, but creator Tom Francis’ extended gameplay preview gives a detailed look at combat and the crucial forward planning needed to advance.

Tactical Breach Wizards sports a soft, easy on the eyes color palette, and allows the more striking tones of emitting magic to stand out. The strategy game is set in isometric view for ease of planning, and the transition of characters from point A to B is fluid enough to maintain pace – showcased in the gameplay trailer.

Francis is on narration duties offering insight into the critical thinking involved in gameplay, and he also shares how you will be spending your acquired points. Inbetween levels, points can be used to upgrade attacks while the characters stand at their workbenches. The Seer (and his magnificent beard) is joined by a witch in the trailer, and Francis stated on the game’s Steam page that additional dialogue is being developed in order to integrate a little of the characters’ backstories into gameplay.

Tactical Breach Wizards is pitched as a story-driven campaign around eight hours in length, where your characters will come up against soldiers, as well as other magic users, with a greater conspiracy narrative intertwined. Francis also noted that because the game is in early development, many features may differ in the final product.

While you wait for the tactical wizards to bombard your screen, perhaps the successor to Octopath Traveler, Project Triangle Strategy, will scratch your itch for sorcery. Square Enix unleashed a demo for the game back in February for Nintendo Switch, and the full release is due to arrive in 2022.

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