"Team Rocket" Has Spoiled Twitter’s Playthrough Of Pokemon Red

A group of mischievous Twitter users calling themselves “Team Rocket” has derailed Twitter’s collective game of Pokemon Red.

During the night, whilst the majority of committed daily players were asleep, the group took control of the game and released all but one of the Pokemon that Twitter had managed to catch and raise. The casualties include a Blastoise, Snorlax, Graveller, Fearow, and a Jolteon. Twitter wrestled control back from “Team Rocket”, but the damage had already been done. All that remained was a solitary Kadabra.

You may recall last month that a 3D Programmer from Gameloft called Constantin Lietard set up his Twitter profile to allow users to play Pokemon Red through his profile picture. Players had to vote for a particular action they’d want to take, and after fifteen seconds the highest voted action would take place. Lietard’s Twitter profile picture would then change depending on the action that won the vote.

By doing so, Twitter has managed to navigate through a large majority of Pokemon Red. Brock, Misty and Lt. Surge were quickly swept aside in the early stages, and while progress has slowed since then, players had recently managed to defeat Koga and Blaine before “Team Rocket” struck.

No doubt this setback will slow things down significantly, but it seems like a group of dedicated players is determined to see the game through to the end. Despite the losses, Twitter has recovered incredibly well and has already replaced the missing members with an arguably stronger team. Now fighting alongside Kadabra are a Dodrio, Growlithe, Vileplume, Lapras, and a Dratini. If Twitter manages to evolve Dratini into Dragonite, the rest of the game will be a breeze.

However, “Team Rocket” is still lurking in the shadows and could possibly derail Twitter’s playthrough once again if players aren’t vigilant. According to Twitter user Grunt’s Ghosts, the group who released the Pokemon started bragging about their victory on the community’s Discord channel. It wouldn’t be too surprising if this group of spoil sports tries to do the same thing again later down the line.

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