Tetsutetsu Clobbers Opponents In My Hero One’s Justice 2 As DLC

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (aka Real Steel) will be joining the My Hero One’s Justice 2 roster on February 25.

This physical combatant thrives on one-to-one short range attacks with his steel fists. He can’t fly like the other heroes but he has a moderate amount of speed to catch up to his opponents. His first quirk special lets him rush into battle with a tougher body, while his second quirk special gives him an awesome combo.

When he activates his Plus Ultra, he hardens to a point where he cannot take any damage for a limited time. It also dishes out extra attack power. Bandai Namco calls it “one of the most powerful Plus Ultras” in the game.

Tetsutetsu is one of the strongest students from UA High’s 1-B class. During the Forest Training Camp Arc in the My Hero Academia series, he withstood multiple bullets, thanks to his metallic shell. He spilled blood during the fight, but he was able to defeat the villain Mustard and dispel the poisonous gas that left a few of his classmates unconscious. He’s a cool hero that we’ll likely see in Season 5 as class 1-B faces off against Aizawa’s students.

He’s friends with a recent downloadable character for My Hero One’s Justice 2, Itsuka Kendo, who can make her fists huge like Marvel’s Avengers’ Ms. Marvel. They’re both parts of the season pass for My Hero One’s Justice 2 that has slowly been releasing characters since March 2020. Currently, the pro hero Hawks, the tinkerer Mei Hatsume, and Kendo have been released. Now that Tetsutetsu will be the fourth, the last expected character is the villain Gentle Criminal as he’s mentioned in the source code, according to InfamousJaleelGaming

You can purchase My Hero One’s Justice 2’s season pass for $19.99 or purchase the characters separately at $3.99. You’re not particularly saving money, but you do get a few bonuses for getting the season pass with a special customization item set and a Nejire Set.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is available on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. When the game initially released, we thought it was a pretty average affair. However, if you’re a fan of the My Hero Academia series, you may enjoy this enjoyable, albeit mediocre, arena fighter. While you play the game, you should listen to what we think Deku’s Spotify playlist would be.

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