Tfue Calls Ninja Out Following Twitter Hack: "Ninja, Fight Me Bro"

Drama Alert: Tfue has officially challenged Ninja to a fistfight vis-à-vis the KSI vs. Logan Paul boxing match. According to Tfue, tension between the mega-streamers has been building for years and now, thanks to Ninja getting his Twitter hacked, Tfue thinks it’s time for the gamers to throw hands.

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Early Saturday morning, Ninja’s Twitter account was briefly hacked. The hacker tweeted the typical self-promotion and homie shoutouts that are all too common in these scenarios before the account was recovered. According to Ninja, he had at one point taken off 2-factor authentication in order to access the account from an old phone, but never turned it back on. Luckily, the hacker didn’t do too much damage before the account was recovered.

One message the hacker managed to send before getting booted from the account was a tweet to Tfue asking him to fight.

It was obvious to everyone, including Tfue, that the tweet was not actually written by Ninja, but that didn’t stop Tfue from posting a Youtube video today in which he goes off on Ninja and takes the challenge seriously.

The video, dishonestly titled “NINJA CHALLENGES ME TO BOXING MATCH”. The first half of the video is just random footage of Tfue wrestling with his friends, riding a dirt bike, and breaking fake bottles on his head. In the second half Tfue gets into the “challenge”, acknowledging immediately that he knows Ninja’s Twitter was hacked but “regardless of that this is something I’ve needed to get off of my chest for awhile now.”

According to Tfue, Ninja has been trying to tear Tfue down ever since he got popular, even going as far as to try to get him permanently banned from Twitch. Tfue claims he used to believe he and Ninja were friends, but now he knows Ninja is fake and often talks about him behind his back. Tfue says it’s time to “get in the ring with this fool and literally end it.”

Ninjas responded to the video in a tweet, explaining that he doesn’t want to fight Tfue because he doesn’t hate him or want to see him fail. He does, however, mention that it’s pretty low to use the hack as a publicity stunt to try to create drama.

We’re going to have to side with Ninja on this one, no one needs to see a half-baked remake of the KSi vs. Logan Paul fight. If Tfue wants to take his shirt off and grind on someone for money, maybe there’s a different line of work he should be in.

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