The 10 Best Skills To Have In Going Under

With the “Working From Home” Update that recently came out for Going Under, there are a total of 99 Skills in the game that Fizzle Intern Jackie Fiasco can acquire. Skills function similarly to abilities in most other Roguelike dungeon-crawler games such as Collectibles in Binding of Isaac or Boons in Hades. 

Essentially, they’re power-ups for Jackie. But, the unique thing about Going Under is that Skills that Jackie has used enough become “Endorsed” meaning that she can then “Pin” this Skill and start any future runs with it already equipped. It surprisingly changes up the formula a ton, making a lot of encounters easier. So, here are some that seem to help out the most.

Disclaimer: We’re not going to explain every single Skill mentioned, but the Going Under Wiki does.

Skills That Trigger On Room Entry

Like it was mentioned, this game has almost 100 Skills to pick from, so we’ll be bunching similar ones up, for the most part, to give players as many options as possible. First up are the Skills that trigger upon entering any new room. Having Skills that distract or stun enemies for even a second can make a huge difference when starting a new run. Some examples are:

  • Fake It Till You Make It: Being able to position Jackie anywhere in each room is so insanely useful
  • Aggro Crab’s Blessing: This Blessing can take a lot of pressure off of Jackie and can be a godsend in crowded rooms.
  • Intimidating: It’s only a chance to knock enemies down, but when it triggers this Skill makes a big difference.
  • Self-Starter: Great for attack-speed focused players.

Skills That Modify Jackie’s Throwing Ability

Next up are the Throw-Centric Skills. It’s actually a pretty viable strategy in this game to run around the room and throw whatever’s lying around at the enemies. But, with even one of these Skills, throwing actually becomes the more viable choice:

  • Yeet: The most “foundational” one that has Jackie chucking objects with full force. Amazing by default, but even better when combined with any of the other Throwing Skills below. 
  • Hot Shot: Lights every thrown item on fire, which is great for lighting enemies ablaze from far away. 
  • Cold Caller: Unlike Hot Shot, this freezing ability for thrown items is only a chance, so it’s not quite as useful.
  • She Don’t Miss: A bit of a misleading description, these items don’t home-in on enemies, rather they just curve towards them in the air. 

Skills That Passively Buff Jackie’s Stats

There are quite a few in this next category. For players who like to “discover” their build in a run, Pinning one of the Skills is likely for the best since they just innately buff something about Jackie’s stats rather than pointing her towards a specific build.

It’s not always the best to hyper-focus on a particular build in a game, just look at Melee-builds from Cyberpunk. But, these are the Skills that let players focus on the game without being pointed in a specific direction:

  • Scaled Up: Great for buffing Jackie’s overall reach and damage in exchange for being a bigger target for enemies
  • Downsized: Opposite of Scaled Up, Jackie gets real small to avoid damage easier and move quicker.
  • Beggar Queen: Great once all the health upgrades have been obtained in the base game since that’s what money is spent on the most at the shop.
  • Upper Body Strength: Increases Jackies reach as well as giving her the ability to use Heavy Weapons much more efficiently. 
  • Go-Getter: Just a great little innate buff to damage and speed.
  • Disaster-Proof: Let’s players experience the game without worrying about traps or hurting themselves with fire.
  • Fragile Ego: A newly added Skill, gives players more damage in exchange for breaking stuff quicker.

Purchase Protection and Other Armor-Based Skills

One of our only individual Skill Recommendations on this list, Purchase Protection is insanely good as a Pinned Skill simply because there’s a shop on every floor. Other than the basic weapons each Merchant might offer, everything else in the shop is over $10, so players can easily build up 3+ armor in a single spending spree. There are other armor-based Skills that benefit from being Pinned, but Purchase Protection is by far the best.

Any Skills That Affect The Apps

The Apps are primarily buffed by Kara’s Mentor upgrades while Fern’s obsession with Flavor lets him buff the Fizzle Cans. There are pros and cons to both, but in general, the Apps are what players seem to prefer. So, here are some Skills that easily let people center their run around them:

  • Power User: Probably the best App-based Skill to Pin, simply because of Apps like MobFlash or StyxRoad.
  • Beta Tester: Likely the most situational one to use, but can be fantastic in combination with other App-centric Skills.
  • Phone Addict: Almost as good as Power User, the only downside being that players can’t carry more than two Apps at once, as leaving them behind turns them into Bricked Phones.
  • Good Consumer: Speaking of Bricked Phones, Good Consumer actually gives Bricked Phones a purpose, which is why it’s amazing when used in conjunction with Phone Addict.
  • Digital Nomad: Pretty fantastic for players who don’t seem to get Apps to drop all too often.

Skills Specifically Tailored Towards Regaining Health

The most common thing players will find themselves desperate for in Going Under is a method of healing. There are numerous ways to heal, but because of the way the game incentivizes players to use Apps, Money, and Fizzle as soon as it’s obtained when players need to heal most is usually when they can’t. Luckily, these Skills help alleviate that problem:

  • Vindictive: Putting the Bloodborne Recovery mechanic into Going Under gives players an excuse to play extra-aggressively.
  • Bloodsucker: Players have crunched the numbers and this Skill heals more often than it sounds like it would. Plus, it will always heal after 35 kills without healing.
  • Defensive: Gives purpose to healing items, Apps, and Fizzle cans even when the player is already full-health.
  • Fail Forward: Not necessarily a healing Skill, but an extra-life one. Still, if used strategically, that 20%+ damage increase on the second life is super useful.

Skills That Trigger In Response To Damage Taken

Let’s be frank, Going Under is a great game, but it’s not perfect. A lot of the enemy attack patterns feel unforgiving in certain scenarios and there are plenty of bugs and balance issues. Because of this, Jackie is going to get hit a lot in this game, even in the hands of a pro. Luckily, these Skills help her even the playing field for when that eventuality comes true:

  • Conflict Resolver: The shocked animation lasts a second or two, which is plenty of time to get up and kill most enemies.
  • Clap Back: Better than Conflict Resolver simply because it knocks enemies over and does 10 damage to them.
  • Cold Shoulder: The least useful simply because it’s only focused on Armor Damage, but still great when combined with Skills like Purchase Protection.
  • Emotive: Lets Jackie spawn allies every time she takes damage, which is insane with Skills like Team Player
  • Retaliatory: Turns the tides on a lot of fights throughout the game.

Item Size and Handling Skills

Because each encounter in Going Under takes place in relatively small rooms, having gigantic weapons means that Jackie can hit almost everyone just by swinging once. And, the speed at which Jackie can swing these weapons matters greatly as well, which is why Item-based Skills like these are so useful:

  • Large and In Charge: Insanely good as a Pinned Skill, since it affects whatever weapon Jackie is using. Plus, it has an innate Weapon Damage buff.
  • Free Hand: Also great as a Pinned Skill simply because it lets players use giant clubs, hammers, and swords without worrying about wind-up time.
  • Aggressive: Actually incentivizes players to use their weapon durability more strategically, saving weapons that are almost broken for boss-fights.
  • Crushin’ It: Incredible for immediately dispatching Armored Enemies like Black Hats or Chump Chains.

Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Here’s the other individual Skill on this list, and it’s one that changes the way Jackie handles almost every single fight in a run. Basically, with this Skill, the last enemy alive in every room has a pretty decent chance to “become” Jackie’s ally. They keep their current health and travel with her until they’re killed by other enemies.

This Skill procs constantly, often enough that players using it commonly try and save the most annoying/tanky enemy for last in every fight since there’s a high chance this foe will suddenly become their ally. 

Focus-Based Skills

And lastly, let’s talk about the Skills based on the Focusing system. The Focus mechanic in Going Under is just a fancy word for saying that Jackie “Locks-On” to enemies. The ability to Lock-On to enemies might seem basic, but there are gigantic games that suffer without it too. And, honestly, Focusing can be a bit unwieldy. Switching between targets isn’t easy, the camera gets a bit wonky when Jackie Focuses on occasion, and Jackie un-Focuses whenever the enemy knocks her down. But, with these Skills, Focusing is all players will be…focusing on:

Thought Leader: So, this Skill doesn’t turn enemies into allies, it just charms them into attacking each other for a bit. Useful, but a bit misleading.

Chilling Glare: Freezing an enemy locks them in place, defenseless, for what seems like 15+ seconds, so this is a very useful first Skill to have. 

Fiery Glare: Same as Chilling Glare, but with fire, making it a bit more useful overall. 

Open-Minded: A great Skill to Pin for players who hate the Focus system in general.

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