The 8 Best Labyrinths In Gaming

A standard in game design revolves around creating mazes. Some of the earliest titles in gaming were nothing more than separate rooms arranged in interesting and confusing ways. Although gaming has become much more refined in its level design, the spirit of mazes lives on in complex areas and unclear directions.

However, it isn't often that games refer to their areas as mazes or labyrinths except for when they're clearly defined. These designated areas often prove to be some of the most difficult in the game and present a challenge in terms of puzzle-solving and perseverance. This is what makes them stand out in the games that they're in.

8 The Lost Woods

The Legend of Zelda series has games that can fit in a multitude of genres. Despite all the huge worlds they have to explore, it still remains a dungeon-crawler since the main goal revolves around you crawling through dungeons to advance the story. It's also known for not being the most straightforward series as it can be very easy to forget your place if you decide to take a break.

But one area, in particular, frequently returns and that's the labyrinth of Lost Woods. Starting out as a simple pattern puzzle, it eventually became the place where the iconic Master Sword would be kept safe. The reason it's so safe is that the woods are able to easily confuse and trap anyone who ventures in without guidance.

7 Safari Zone

Since the very first Pokemon game, the Safari Zone has been the closest thing to an amusement park to appear in the series. It serves as a wildlife preserve where trainers can enter to observe wild Pokemon in a variety of habitats, including ones that can't be found anywhere else.

It's also the only place where you can catch Pokémon without needing to battle them with your own. More than that, it serves as a labyrinth that hides certain areas, treasures, and even key items. The challenge is making sure you have all the tools and moves you need to navigate it before time runs out.

6 The Labyrinth Of Ice

The Disney film Frozen proved to be one of its most popular in recent years that continues to persevere even more so due to its recent sequel. It was only natural that this film would make an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series, specifically Kingdom Hearts 3. In this entry, Sora and his friends get to visit the characters and places of the film during their quest.

As they explore the tundra, they'll eventually come across Elsa's Castle of Ice which has been fully transformed into a full-fledged labyrinth. Full of secrets, treasures, enemies, twists, and turns, it's one of the areas you'll spend a lot of time exploring.

5 Lair Of The Lost Lord

The best thing a DLC can do for a game is to add more of it to play. Even though Ni No Kuni 2 is quite an expansive game with a huge world, an epic story, and lots of activities, there was room for more. This took the form of the Lair of The Lost Lord DLC which was released in 2018. It added new quests to undertake, new battle mechanics, and more importantly, a new region to explore.

The region is a Labyrinth that contains a destructive entity called the Prince Of Wraiths that threatens the world of Evermore. You'll need to dive in, fight difficult enemies, and make your way to the Prince while grabbing whatever you can.

4 Expunge: Labyrinth

Destiny 2 is a huge game that hosts a lot of players in a sci-fi universe. While there are plenty of PvP activities, a bulk of the game comes from the PvE missions. As a Guardian, you'll get access to a lot of futuristic weaponry and powers to unleash on foes and bosses during missions.

One such mission is called Expunge: Labyrinth which drops you into a corrupted series of pathways. Though it's considered one of the easier missions to undertake, it's also one of the most fun to do by yourself or with teammates.

3 Stanley's Office

There are some games that are so surreal that it's hard to interpret them no matter how many times you play. In The Stanley Parable, there are seemingly infinite numbers of ways your adventure can play out. It starts off so harmless with the office worker Stanley simply getting up to look around his office and find out why he's not getting any work.

There's a helpful narrator to make you feel less alone and provide guidance as you walk around. Still, it doesn't take long to realize that the office is much larger and more intricate than it appears. You can spend a lot of time going all over trying to get new parts to the story and find meaning in the gameplay.

2 The Labyrinth Of Time

When it comes to interesting level design, the Final Fantasy series has quite a strong reputation. From towns and cities to caves and dungeons, these games have presented players with a lot of in-depth and heavy areas to navigate. Though there are so many, the very first game holds a truly memorable maze called the Labyrinth Of Time.

You and the heroes get a glimpse of this place at the very start when you're sent to investigate the Temple of Fiends. This leads you on an epic journey that eventually takes you right back to where you started where the Labyrinth has finally taken shape. It acts as the final push and lair of an iconic boss who wants nothing more than to destroy everything.

1 Planet Zebes

The space-faring bounty hunter Samus Aran of the Metroid series has been on many challenging and daunting missions. They've taken her to deep space, hostile ships, and ancient civilizations. There are so many journeys to pick from, but it's hard not to go with the one that started it all.

The original Metroid had Samus Aran exploring the dangerous Planet Zebes where she would go up against space pirates, giant alien monsters, and the parasitic Metroids. It involved a lot of exploring, backtracking, and getting the right equipment to progress even further. The planet itself was a giant labyrinth that felt good to beat.

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