The Best Gaming Antivirus from Norton

Casual or competitive; computer gaming is a hobby that people conduct on their computers. Since most of the gaming happens on the internet, your security is at risk from online attacks. 

Hackers target home computers and online accounts of gamers since they contain a lot of personal information. However, you don’t need to worry about running antivirus software that may slow down your gaming.

Without sacrificing your computer’s performance, you can have the best security possible. A high-end computer, fast internet connection, and security are what you need for the best gaming experience. Norton 360 gives you a safe gaming experience and, overall, computer security.

How Norton Helps You

Norton 360 offers useful security software that doesn’t risk your smooth gaming. It also provides you options for tools to experience an optimized gaming performance.

Norton 360 turns off any notifications and alerts not needed when you play games or stream online. 

With the two running modes of Norton 360 activated, it immediately reduces your CPU’s load. These two performance modes are described below.

Quiet mode

Norton 360 turns on when you do tasks that need a lot of use of system resources. It stops any background apps and tasks from running in order to prioritize gaming, streaming online, or any current job that you are doing. 

The Quiet mode helps the computer focus more on the task at hand and spend its maximum resources on its current task. 

Silent mode

With the Norton 360 Silent mode, you can enjoy a full-screen mode of performing a task without getting interrupted. Norton recognizes if you are doing something in full screen and starts this mode for you. 

The Silent mode helps you perform vital jobs, watch movies, and play games online without any worries.

How to Check for Norton’s Effect on My Computer

In Windows Task Manager, you can check the performance of running apps, background tasks, and even Norton 360. With the Norton performance graph, you will see how it affects the performance of your computer. It provides information on how much CPU and memory the Norton 360 uses. 

Norton also has a feature called Firewall. This firewall program control allows you to stipulate which programs can access the internet on your computer. You can add a program on the firewall control list if you suspect it of having illegal access to your internet. 

Norton already assigns the default settings that are best for your computer. It also collects information that you have sent through Norton’s firewall and scans it briefly for malware detection. 

For peace of mind, put your games on the firewall control list and view their current security status.


Overall, the Norton 360 provides online security that you need and that other programs cannot provide. It is an all-around antivirus program that is best for your computer, especially with its Quiet and Silent modes. 

It is perfect, not only for you but also for the whole family. However, Norton doesn’t provide any game boosters if you want an antivirus software that focuses solely on gaming.

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