The Best Terraria Mods You Can Get (And How To Install Them)

The base game has a lot to offer, especially with the newest and final large content update Journey Mode. But there will always be small tweaks to the game that players wish they could alter. Customization and a unique Terraria experience are always what the community strives for. With the help of talented mod creators, everyone can have just that!

Modding is somewhat limited in Terraria. You can’t get large texture packs that change every block like in Minecraft or create new NPC’s with side quests. Well, you could, it would just be a lot of work. There are visual changes you can do to your HUD, though. And there is a way to add some unique quests into your game.

Health Bars

Health bars are just health bars but having some vanity options here and there never hurts. In your Terraria Settings and Interface options, you can switch your health bar from a fancy to a normal style. But what if there was more than that?

You can now have a retro-styled health and mana bar. There are other options too, like stat bars that are styled after the Crimson and Corruption biome or ones styled after Luminite crafted items. The creative community is never slacking when it comes to different themes and styles of mods. These are only some to get you started.

  • Retro
  • Crimson and Corruption
  • Star Luminite Fragment

Adventure Maps

There aren’t any mods for real quests, but who’s to say you can’t use your imagination? People are able to share files with other people that allow others to play in the world and avatar that they’ve created. With this, people can create an entire adventure world in Terraria and share that file with others so they can explore for themselves.

If your favorite part of Terraria is building extravagant things, maybe this should be your next big thing. Create an adventure map for other players to explore and transport to! With the number of hours and talent people put into Terraria building, there’s no doubt that there are some hidden gems not being shared with the world.

Creative modders have taken it upon themselves to create adventure worlds like a whole Silent Hill 2 Terraria remake. In this world, you’ll walk around as your own James with nothing but a pocket knife aka your copper sword. You’ll have to use beds as checkpoints and torches to light the way with multiple endings. Then you have a The Legend Of Zelda map where you can traverse through traps and puzzles while taking on enemies and leveling up, available to play with up to four people. Last but not least, someone has created an Undertale experience. This is less of an adventure map and more of an added character where you can take on Sans as a boss in your game.

  • Silent Hill 2
  • The Legend Of Zelda
  • Undertale

User Interface’s

You may have a hard time concentrating on your inventory or seeing it at all. Or maybe it’s perfectly fine and you just want a little style. Well, the community is here for you.

You can download a dark UI mod that turns your inventory and crafting into darker squares which allows you to concentrate and see your inventory better. There is also a clean UI mod that makes the inventory’s round squares into normal clean-cut squares for a more finished look. Then you have a transparent UI mod that completely takes away the block and leaves you with a white outline instead. This can be used for minimal clutter on your screen. There’s definitely more different styles of UI people have created, it’s only a matter of finding them!

  • Dark
  • Clean
  • Transparent


This is a smaller modification to your game either for aesthetic purposes or to help you see better. Terraria’s normal font is a childish style that can be hard to continuously read if you’re playing multiplayer more often than not.

A Terraria forum user has posted files for everyone to modify the primary font used in Terraria for every aspect. There are 14 font options for any type of person. From a gothic style, to a clean-cut and easy to read style.

  • Custom Fonts

How To Install Mods

Now, how do you even install them to begin with? There are two ways to do this. There is the easy way and the kind of complex way but it’s okay because there are tutorials way.

The easiest way to install and use mods is by using what Terraria already gives you. This means that Terraria already has a texture pack folder. All you would have to do is download files or extract zip files into this folder. Sometimes this won’t work if what you downloaded is outdated or not modded well, but will work. The easiest way to find this folder on your computer is to open Terraria, click Texture Packs, and then click Open Folder at the bottom. Keep that folder up and open as you download and move your mods.

You can find mods by using the famous Nexus Mods website where creators will post their own mods with pictures and community reviews. On Nexus Mods there are categories you can sift through or you can search using the search bar. Another way is by sifting through the official Terraria forums. This will be harder since there’s no search bar and you have to grind through every entry to find what suits you. Normally, you would have to keep clicking different forum titles to find the one for mods, but for convenience, it will be linked here so there is no need. The way to find it from the main page of the Terraria forums is to scroll down to Terraria On PC which will not be in bold, click the bold Player-Created Game Enhancements underneath, then Texture Packs, and then Released.

  • Terraria Nexus Mods
  • Terraria Mods Forum

The other way to install Terraria mods is by using tModLoader, which some mods can only support. This is a separate piece of community-made equipment that will create a larger Texture Pack or Mod option in your Terraria settings. You can install it on Steam by searching the Store for “tModLoader” or download it from the site here. The only catch with this is that other people can’t play with you unless they also have tModLoader and you will have to move all your player and world progress to tModLoader files otherwise they won’t show and be available.

With the loader downloaded you’ll have to extract the zip files into the main Terraria folder. The folder is located here:

  • This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Terraria

The tModLoader will create a mod search engine inside your Terraria game. This way you won’t have to install mods and move them into a folder because there will be a new button in your game menu called Mods Browser. There will also be two other new buttons called Mod Sources and Mods. The Mods Browser will allow you to see a wide list of created mods for you to scroll through and pick and choose, with a search bar to boot. All you have to do is enable them in the Mods section in-game.

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