The Best Ways To Use Claymores In Warzone

Warzone players might prefer frag grenades to claymores when selecting their loadout. Here’s why that decision definitely requires a rethink.

When most gamers think about a battle royale game or even try to describe it to someone, chances are terms such as “chaotic” and “free-for-all” will be thrown around. In most cases, those descriptors are accurate. The whole premise of a battle royale game begins with 100 or more players landing in the same place and scrambling for weapons before their opponents get to them.

Call of Duty: Warzone has brought a slightly different feel to the genre. Even though its 150 players per round approach increases the chance of running into rivals early on, most players appear to be taking a more tactical approach. Not only do Warzone‘s weapons and items allow for that, but many of its players are CoD veterans who have been using the games’ tactics to their advantage for years.

While primary and secondary weapons tend to take precedent when selecting a Warzone loadout, the grenades selected should not be left as an afterthought. Many will take frag grenades into battle with them and not give it a second thought. Meanwhile, players using the humble claymore and using it well are potentially picking up a bunch of extra kills.

The clip above is a perfect example of how to best utilize a claymore in Warzone. The player notices a team vacate a vehicle and gambles on them eventually returning to it. While they’re away, they pop a claymore underneath it. The trio does return and are all wiped out as they try to clamber back into their vehicle. The claymore explosion wipes out their shields, and the vehicle exploding a split second later depletes their health.

There are various spots players can leave a claymore in Warzone to give themselves a chance of picking up an extra kill or two. Next to buy stations, alongside loadout drops, even on top of a body on the off chance a scavenger come looking for what has been dropped. Plus, since it doesn’t need to be detonated like C4, the chance of picking up a kill from a claymore lasts as long as the player who planted it remains in the round.

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