The Fall Guys Season 4 Puzzle Is Complete, And There’s A Lot Of Slime

Fall Guys asked its fans to complete a 2400 piece puzzle to reveal a teaser. More than ten hours later, that puzzle is now complete.

Fall Guys not only introduced a new take on the battle royale game last summer, but it also sparked an online community like no other. Its Twitter account is one of the most active in the video game world, and also one of the most engaging. Just yesterday, it tasked its followers with completing a 2400 piece puzzle.

When complete, the puzzle would show a new teaser for season four. The puzzle pieces were all individual files in one big zip folder. Ten hours and ten minutes later, the puzzle is complete. At the forefront of the image is a space-age-looking bean sliding through what looks like a thin layer of slime. Perhaps a new take on fan-favorite course Slime Climb is coming in season four.

The unlocked image is certainly in-keeping with the Fall Guys 4041 theme revealed last week. Up until now, that was the only information the game’s creators were willing to divulge. Not only does the new image also reveal that season four might well be rooted in slime, but there’s also an alien bean using a small spaceship, and even one sporting what looks like one of Futurama’s brain slugs way off in the background.

There’s no start date for season four just yet, making season three the longest in the game’s short history. Whenever it begins, it will be a significant one for Fall Guys. That’s because it could well be the final season to take place on just two platforms. The game’s expansion to Nintendo Switch and various Xbox consoles has been confirmed to take place this summer.

Despite the start of season four still needing a date attached to it, you’d have to think it’ll be happening soon. Season three’s theme is winter, and since March has now arrived, spring is right around the corner. Since the teases for the new season have well and truly begun, there won’t be too long a wait for season four. Hopefully, it will spark the beginning of the second summer of Fall Guys.

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