The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Gameplay Trailer Gives A Look At Combat And Skills

Rogue Games has released a new gameplay trailer for The Last Case of Benedict Fox, giving us a fresh look at some of the combat as well as the map system and a mysterious ally called The Tattooist.

The trailer starts out with a smooth as silk cinematic cutscene before quickly transitioning into some gameplay. In it, we see the main character doing some platforming and exploring some pretty wild-looking environments, The camera then pans out as the player opens up what looks to be a hand-drawn map detailing the character's location.

We then get to see the character interacting with the Tattooist, a mysterious individual who looks like the player's main method of upgrading themselves with more firepower. As the name kind of suggests, players will have to ink up in order to receive certain abilities. The trailer then gives us an extended look at some of the game's combat, as the player can use traditional weapons such as a knife or a firearm to damage foes, or some much more interesting demonic powers such as a slam attack, shield, or horrible inky tentacles.

In case you missed the game's initial announcement during the joint Xbox and Bethesda showcase earlier this year, The Last Case of Benedict Fox has you playing as a paranormal investigator who can enter the minds of murder victims and explore their memories thanks to his demon companion. Think Psychonauts, but with a lot more Eldritch horror. With this power, you'll have to solve the last case of Benedict Fox, in which an old couple has died and their child has gone missing.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox doesn't have a release date just yet, but it will launch at some point in Spring 2023. The game will release on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, with no word on whether the game will be coming to either PlayStation consoles or Nintendo Switch later down the line.

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