The Last Of Us Part 2 Guide: Where To Find Every Coin

Abby is a relatively straightforward character, and has little time for frivolous things when she is busy being a Wolf. However, her one vice – if you can even call it that – is collecting coins. This is something she picks up from her late father, and in fact the first coin she finds is in a flashback with him.

Abby particularly collects quarters with the state logo emblazoned on them. While she does not pick up all 50 during the game, there are still quite a few to pick up: 33 in total. You will get a Trophy for finding five of these – which can be earned as early as the stadium on day one – and another Trophy for finding them all. If you follow this guide, you shouldn’t have any issues.

The Park

This is a flashback scene, and features Abby’s first coin: Virginia. It’s on the handle of the dumpster you need to move to enter the fenced off area, and is the only unmissable coin in the game. When Abby finds her father, they’ll discuss the coin, and this sets off Abby’s quest to collect them.

Seattle Day 1 – The Stadium

Since there are so many coins scattered throughout the game, it makes sense to split them up into areas. For example, there are 17 coins available on Day 1, but just four in the stadium itself, so we’ll do each section in turn. The first coin in the stadium is Alaska, which is immediately to the left after Abby leaves her bedroom. It’s by a stack of logs.

The second coin is Maine, and it’s by the long washing troughs just before you open the dog cage. After that, the third one – New Jersey – is on the ground against the right wall in the tunnel where you pick up your weapons. Finally, the fourth stadium coin is Vermont, and is in a locker just beyond the gun range.

Seattle Day 1 – On Foot

Once Abby is out and about, she’ll enter a warehouse. Here, the Kentucky coin is on a metal table as soon as she walks in. In the garden centre area, the Massachusetts coin can be found next to a cash register opposite Aisle 16. Ohio’s coin is trickier. Once you get the ladder in the area with the boat, rather than use the ladder to cross the gap as the game wants you to, prop it against the wall and climb up to the next level to grab the coin. The last coin of this section is Indiana, and is in the office cabin just after you manage to climb out of the warehouse. It’s easy to spot on a desk inside.

Seattle Day 1 – The Forward Base

After this, you’re attacked and Abby has to flee back to base camp. Here, there’s three coins to grab. The first is California, and that’s on a small platform above a group of Wolves in the jeep car park. Then, once you’ve checked in, head left as soon as you enter the main base and find the New Mexico coin on some green storage boxes. After that, the South Carolina coin is on a small table next to some plates and cups just after Nora shows you the bodies at the base.

Seattle Day 1 – Hostile Territory

Just the one coin here. North Dakota can be found at the end of a dark corridor inside Tang Fabric & Imports.

Seattle Day 1 – The Coast

This is the final section of Abby’s first day, and comes just after she leaves Yara and Lev. The first coin is Alabama, and it’s at the back of the top level of the broken road Abby climbs up. You’ll find it next to a skeleton. The second coin is on the boat, on the Mezzanine Deck after the crossbow. Go right, past the staircase, until you reach some old luggage with a teddy bear on top. You’ll also find the West Virginia coin here. The third coin is Utah, and you’ll find it resting against the yacht’s mast once you’re able to climb to the top and leave. The final coin is in the dolphin fountain outside the aquarium, and this is the coin of Mississippi.

Seattle Day 2 – The Shortcut

During Day 2, Abby has Lev by her side, but that doesn’t mean she’s done with collecting coins. The first one here is Nevada, and that’s by the cash register in the barber shop just after the flooded section. Following that, it’s Colorado, which is in the opticians. This is not a very nice coin for Abby, considering her fear of heights. Lev will tell you that a door will take you to the building next door, before you do that, go out of the window and onto the balcony to grab the precariously placed coin.

Seattle Day 2 – The Descent

The Descent comes right after Abby falls off the walkway, and it features the most coins of any chapter, with five. The first coin is Illinois, and this might be the trickiest coin in the game. Not because it’s difficult, but because it’s somewhere you’d never think to look. After the cutscene has you climb out of the pool, you need to dive back in and fish the coin from the bottom. The second coin is Oregon, and you’ll find this in the area with the spores after you’ve been grabbed by a clicker bursting through the wall. There’s a room with a small shelf just over a small gap. Leap over and pick up the coin.

The third coin can be found after the fight with the Shambler. After this, you’ll drop down the lift shaft, and when you climb out, you’ll see a vending machine. Smash this open and get your Wisconsin coin. The fourth coin is Rhode Island, and it’s in the courtyard after you take off your mask. There’s an overgrown diner-type place here, and the coin is by the cash register behind the counter. The last coin in Missouri, and it’s in the area inside the Wolf compound, but outside the base. It’s in a small building beyond the tall grass here. Don’t go inside the hospital though as this will trigger the next chapter to begin.

Seattle Day 2 – Ground Zero

The final section of Abby’s second day in Seattle only has two coins, although of course she does have a lot of other things to contend with. The first coin comes before that though, in the hospital cafeteria near the start. The coin, Washington, is behind the counter, near a radio. The second coin is Hawaii, and you will find this coin after both the Rat King and the Clicker that splits off from it. You will need to raise the gate to get out of the hospital car park, but before that, you’ll find a parking attendant booth. Smash the window and get the coin from the desk.

Seattle Day 3 – The Marina

Once we get to day three, there’s only five coins left. Of those five, only two are during The Marina chapter. The first is Kansas, which is right at the top of the stairs with the railing right at the start of the chapter. The second is Louisiana, and this coin is near a bin after the train tracks. It’s on the other side of the rails after the ramp leading up to the station.

Seattle Day 3 – The Island

This is the final section of the game with any coins to discover. The first of these is Idaho, which can be found in an open truck to the left after climbing the ladder to the top of the highway. After that, it’s North Carolina. This can be found after the alert rings out as the rest of the Wolves attack. Yara tells you to cut through a logging camp, and here you’ll find an abandoned car overlooking the water. The coin is by the car. The final coin in the game is Montana, and that is found in the building on the left in front of the sawmill. You’ll gain access to this after the first major skirmish of the chapter. You’ll need a ladder to climb to the top, where the coin can be found on a chest of drawers by the window.

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