The Last Of Us Tommy Actor Has Someone In Mind To Play His Character For HBO Show

HBO has confirmed the all-important casting of Joel and Ellie first for its The Last of Us adaptation. Attention now turns to the supporting roles of the game, and one actor from the hit 2013 action-adventure has revealed who he wants to play his character in the upcoming series.

Actor Jeffrey Pierce – who played Tommy Miller in Naughty Dog’s seminal title and its sequel – was asked a few questions by a fan on Twitter, one being who he wanted to see play Tommy in HBO’s series. After revealing that he originally auditioned for Joel before being offered the role of Tommy, the actor then replied that he would like to see Gael García Bernal bring his character to the small screen. Pierce was also open to the idea of Tommy’s character being turned into a female role.

Tommy is Joel’s younger brother in The Last of Us and Gael García Bernal – of Coco fame – may fit the part after looking a little more world-weary. Pierce’s open-mindedness towards who should play live-action Tommy reiterates the various directions that HBO could take the show’s narrative, as well as its portrayal of beloved characters. The casting of Pedro Pascal was met with support by Joel’s voice actor Troy Baker who wrote “This IS the way” on an Instagram post – a nod to Pascal’s lead role in The Mandalorian – stating that he’s looking forward to seeing a side of Joel that he hasn’t seen before.

Bella Ramsey was confirmed to be filling Ellie’s shoes – shortly after Joel’s announcement – making her duo with Pascal a mini Game of Thrones reunion. Ramsey played the ruthless Lyanna Mormont in the hit HBO show, where Pascal also played Oberyn Martell in the fourth season. Both actors are stellar choices to fill the roles of these treasured video game leads, and fans now wait to hear which other characters will make an appearance in the show.

If you can’t wait to see how Pascal and Ramsey will look in a post-apocalyptic setting, then take a look at this deepfake video which gives you a preview. One YouTuber used deepfake technology to superimpose the actors’ faces over Joel and Ellie’s, set to the music from The Walking Dead.

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