The Long-Awaited Ascension System Added To Black Desert Mobile

It’s been a bit of a wait, but the Ascension System has officially been added to Black Desert Mobile. The new feature will allow characters who have reached level 60 to take on a new questline and unlock devastating new abilities.

Thanks to the latest update, players who hit level 60 will be given a pass for Southwest Calpheon to embark on a new set of quests. Unlike Awakening, Ascension is a system that will augment current playstyles. That is, Ascending won’t force you to use a new weapon in the same way that Awakening would. For example, a Base Class of Warrior — who uses a Longsword and Shield — will Ascend to a Gladiator — who also uses a Longsword and Shield.

The purpose for Ascending is that it will grant players the ability to use much stronger skills than were previously available. Only some skills from the Base Class will transition to the Ascension Class, however, and some must be acquired through Skill Quests. All these abilities have been reworked and are more devastating than their Base Class variety. In short — Ascending makes you much, much stronger.

Aside from the deadly new skills, all classes will enjoy some form of healing skills. The hope is that this change will let players “have more enjoyable and exciting experiences.”

When Ascended players hit level 70, they’ll earn an additional skill. Ascension Skillbooks can only be found in certain regions, and even then, they are dropped at a low rate. These can be found in locations such as Omar Lava Cave, Soldiers’ Grave, Hasrah Ancient Ruins, and Cron Castle Underwater Cave. However, original Skillbooks can still be used in Skill Training and will increase AP, DP, and HP.

Apparently, the Ascension Update wasn’t as easy to implement as you would think. The developers mentioned that they almost had to “rework the whole Awakening/Ascension system form the bottom up” for the system to work properly. It may not have been easy on their part, but it’s great to see such a massive update to the game — giving players tons of new content to explore.

Black Desert Mobile is available on both iOS & Android devices. The Ascension Update is now live on all servers.

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