The Original Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Gets The Unreal Engine 5 Treatment

Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit is one of the best Need for Speed games, and one of the best arcade racing games, ever made. It's just an objective fact. Alright, there may be some bias considering your writer played it for endless hours in his childhood and remembers the shortcuts, the secrets, the cheat codes, the race courses so vividly.

Developed and published by Electronic Arts, Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit released in 1998 on the PS1 and was stuffed full of content. It was a great looking game for the time, with 3D-accelerated graphics, slick menus, and well-crafted levels. Now a fan remake of the game has made this PS1 title look better than ever (via VG247).

From video introductions of the exotic cars, to various game modes, and an incredible amount of easter eggs in the form of bonus cars and tracks hidden away, the original Hot Pursuit was an incredible achievement. Many have fond memories of trying to escape the police, who could deploy spikes and had improved AI, as they sped around tracks that contained adrenaline-pumping jumps and shortcuts, or playing with friends into the wee hours.

An official remake appears to have never been on the cards, but handily a fan has imagined what a modern Need for Speed 3 could look like. David Kerekes has ported Hot Pursuit into Unreal Engine 5 and using various mods has made it look pretty dreamy, as you can see in the video above.

Although his remake is using the original's models, they seem to hold up, especially with the modern lighting casting glorious rays over the Lamborghini Diablo and peeking over tree tops. It's a real shot to the senses to see the Need for Speed classic looking this good.

Kerekes has only just begun working on the game and this is an early look, with only the early race levels, Hometown and Atlantica, remade so far. The modder moved the levels into Epic's engine and appled "various NFS modding tools and some Houdini and Python" to get it upgraded to modern visuals. He's barely started on the project, according to his words, so it's a tantalising prospect to see the final results.

Need for Speed is due a comeback, and there is a new title in the works, but it would be amazing if the folks at EA looked at Kerekes project for inspiration. While there was a direct sequel on the PS2, and a reboot in 2010, the original Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit deserves a modern audience.

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