The Pokemon Franchise Has Earned More Than 3x Super Mario

An interesting infographic posted on Reddit painted a stunning picture of the dominance of Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise. Since the release of Pokémon Red/Blue on the original Game Boy in 1996, the franchise as a whole has earned three times more than the Super Mario franchise and more than the next five franchises combined.

This comes at a time when Pokémon Sword/Shield continues to blow up sales charts worldwide and Pokémon Go made a staggering $1.4 billion in 2019. There is no end in sight for the franchise as it continues to expand its influence. Most recently, Netflix released the English dub of Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, the 22nd film of the series, making it the first film in the series to not have a theatrical premiere.

According to the infographic posted by Reddit user jaxsondeville, Pokémon sales across all platforms have reached $90 billion worldwide. This figure is that much more astonishing considering that it surpasses the combined lifetime sales of the entire Super Mario, Call of Duty, Wii Games, Pac-Man and Space Invaders franchises. Even its most popular competitor, the Digimon franchise, pales in comparison to the unstoppable might of Nintendo’s pocket monsters.

Pokémons humble beginnings as a must-have for the aging Game Boy has seen almost all of its success from portable platforms. Not including spin-offs or games like Pokémon Stadium, the main series just recently made its console debut with Sword/Shield all while keeping a strong presence in mobile gaming via Pokémon Go. Outside its own series, Nintendo has featured more Pokémon in recent Super Smash Bros entries and has seen the series continue to grow on mobile platforms now that the Nintendo DS has been put to rest.

The long-running anime has been around just as long as the game launched, and it too is looking towards a new beginning. All that can be said is that Pokémon is undoubtedly the king of the gaming circuit, establishing Pikachu and friends as the true face of gaming for the foreseeable future and whose future successes are all but assured as the franchise pushes forward and beyond.

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