The Quarry: How To Ensure Everyone Dies

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The Quarry has some serious '80s slasher vibes, and true to its inspiration it has a large cast of characters, all of whom are in danger of a horrible death. Your choices throughout each run determines who lives and who dies, and with just the right sequence of events you can end the game with no survivors among the main cast.

An all-deaths run is actually shorter than most, since dead characters don't explore, find collectibles, or yammer on through unskippable cutscenes. If you're the sort of player who wants to burn it all down, read on.

This guide contains major spoilers for The Quarry, and is recommended for players who have already completed the game at least once.


Jacob's selfish sabotage of the van is the reason the counselors are trapped in werewolf-infested woods, so it's fitting that he's the first to go. There are plenty of ways for Jacob to die throughout the game, but you need to make sure he dies before being captured by the hunters. Otherwise, Jacob will be saved when Laura kills Nick.

The easiest way to eliminate Jacob is to make sure he steals the rotor arm from the van in Chapter One. When he loses in the lake later, dive in after it. Succeeding at the ensuing quick-time event will reveal a piece of Evidence but also get Jacob tangled in some chains. Attempt to pull free rather than carefully untangling the chains, and Jacob will get himself even more stuck and drown.

If you miss the quick-time event in the lake, wait until Jacob's encounter with Bobby in the woods. When you have the opportunity, throw dirt in Bobby's face to escape before he can smear Jacob's face with werewolf blood.

When Jacob is attacked by a werewolf in Chapter Six, just fail every input challenge until the beast kills Jacob.

If you somehow manage to keep Jacob alive past the werewolf attack, there is one more chance to finish him off. When he gets his leg caught in a bear trap, try to pull it free rather than prying the trap open. Jacob will fall into another trap, which kills him.


In Chapter Four, Emma hears something on the roof of the treehouse when she enters. Open the trapdoor to investigate without first arming yourself with the gear in the camping bags. Max, in werewolf form, will make short work of Emma.

If you do investigate the bags, don't fail the quick-time events in the ensuing chase. There's a chance Emma will be bitten but not die, becoming a werewolf instead.

To eliminate Emma if you searched the bags, wait until her next scene and reel the zipline in quickly. When Max approaches her, Emma will leap to the zipline. Fail the quick-time event to send her plummeting to her death.


When Nick is about to transform into a werewolf in the pool house in Chapter Six, don't shoot him. After his transformation, he'll immediately kill Abigail before retreating into the woods. This is your only shot to eliminate Abigail if Emma hasn't become a werewolf.

You'll also earn the Lovers' Quarrel Achievement / Trophy as a consolation prize for having to watch poor Abi get her head ripped off.


In Chapter Seven, Laura will need to escape from Travis' abandoned police station. There is a syringe hidden upstairs that she can use to safely incapacitate Travis, but for an all-deaths run you'll need to ignore it. Instead, when the time comes for Laura and Max to make their escape, Laura will steal Travis' gun and shoot him once.

After Laura has Travis safely locked in her cell, she has the opportunity to finish him off. Don't do it, and Travis will kill Laura in revenge at the end of Chapter Nine.


When Ryan and Laura find the electrified cages after climbing up the abandoned quarry, Laura will prepare to shoot the imprisoned werewolf. Ryan will have an opportunity to stop her – don't intervene, and Laura will put a silver bullet into the werewolf, who turns out to be Nick.


The first part of eliminating Dylan is ensuring he doesn't turn into a werewolf. If he's bitten in Chapter Five, have Ryan use the chainsaw to cut off his hand. This will prevent the infection from taking hold.

When Kaitlyn suggests going to the scrapyard to look for car parts, have her tell Dylan that she needs him to come with her. At the end of the scrapyard sequence Dylan will be operating a crane when a werewolf attacks.

Warn Kaitlyn of the monster's approach, then sound the horn to get its attention. The werewolf will climb to Dylan's position and attack. Fail the quick-time events to ensure Dylan's demise while Kaitlyn makes her escape.


Ryan has one of the most complicated deaths to engineer in an all-deaths run, because his actions directly determine whether it's possible to kill Max. When Laura offers to bite Ryan to give him the healing powers of a werewolf, refuse. This guarantees that Ryan will die after the fight with Chris, no matter what happens.

When the time comes, have Ryan shoot Chris before he collapses and dies of blood loss. Shooting Chris removes the werewolf curse from Max, allowing you to play as him in an upcoming scene.

If you're not going for an all-deaths run, there is still an accolade to unlock in this scene. If Laura shot Travis in Chapter Seven, have Ryan hold his fire. This will result in Ryan's death, but since Chris is still alive Laura will remain a werewolf. Laura and Travis will proceed to kill one another, unlocking the Mutually Assured Achievement / Trophy.

Last Man Standing

If Ryan accepts Laura's bite instead, you have an opportunity to gain the Last Man Standing Achievement / Trophy by leaving Ryan as the sole survivor from the main cast. After Travis kills Laura, he and Ryan will go in search of Silas, the White Wolf. If Ryan kills Silas, or declines to shoot but has werewolf blood on his face, he will be the only counselor to walk away if you've followed the other instructions in this guide.


When Max turns back into a human after Chris's death, there is a short scene where you can walk around the island with him. When you reach the dock, Max will have the option to stay or swim to shore. Swimming back to the mainland brings Max face to face with werewolf Caleb, who immediately kills him.


After Kaitlyn returns from the scrapyard, she'll be alone against Caleb when the werewolf attacks the lodge. All you need to do is fail input challenges until Kaitlyn is eliminated. Since she's the last playable character alive at this point, the game will end with her death.

Final Girl

If Abigail broke into the cabin in Chapter One and took the toy rabbit inside, Kaitlyn will find it in the kitchen during her battle with Caleb if she survives long enough to get there. Using the rabbit as a decoy allows Kaitlyn to trap Caleb in the freezer. Since Abigail and Emma aren't around to provide Kaitlyn with silver ammo, this is the only way for her to neutralize the werewolf.

If Kaitlyn survives her battle with Caleb and all the other playable characters are dead, you'll earn the Final Girl Achievement / Trophy.

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