The Sims 4 High School Years: Social Bunny, Explained

Have you heard about the new social media app? The Sims 4 phone has been revamped with a much-needed UI change and, in case you got the new High School Years expansion pack, you'll get a new app: Social Bunny. Social Bunny lets you do all kinds of stuff, it's aimed at high school kids but nearly everyone in the game can use it and share their life experiences with their closest friends.

In this guide, we'll show you everything there is to know about Social Bunny including all of its options and cool social features. It's time to let your Sim friends in on your quirky day-to-day thoughts.

How To Access Social Bunny

To visit the app all you have to do is click your Sim's phone on the lower left corner of the screen and then click the second icon, the one with the pink bunny. Directly from your phone, you can send a direct message, you can tag someone, turn off notifications, or even deactivate the app. If you want to explore what else there is to it, you can click the first option 'open Social Bunny."

Teens and older Sims gain instant access to Social Bunny, just like a lot of real-life social media apps, it has an age restriction so children and toddlers cannot get into this app.

Social Bunny Features

Social Bunny has three sections, your Feed, your Friends, and your Messages. Each section has its own purpose. Its system isn't too complicated, thankfully, so it's quite easy to get the hang of it. Just like most social media apps, it's intuitive and fun to explore.

  • When starting your Social Bunny life, you'll want to visit the Friends section to add people you've met in the world to your contact list – it even works with deceased Sims. Then, the next time you open their Sim profile, it'll even mention that you're Social Bunny friends. You can look at your contact list to check out your friendship and romance level with different Sims and you also private message them or remove them altogether from your contacts.
  • In the Messages section, you can read all of the DMs you've received as well as the ones you've sent. You can even react to messages and Sims can react to your messages as well. Private messaging makes it possible to online date other Sims that you aren't close enough with outside of the virtual Sim world. You can send friendly, flirty, funny, and mean messages.
  • The Feed is where you can read what everyone has to say about their lives and their social circles. You can write posts about recent events such as doing homework, finishing a book, having lunch at school, family dinners and there are happy, confident, stressed, energized, or uncomfortable narratives about these events – depending on the type of event.

If your Sim has a particularly eventful day, you'll receive a notification on the top right corner of the screen letting you know that a lot of "Social Bunny-worthy events" took place that day and they might want to consider posting about them.

New posts in particular will increase your follower count which will be updated every couple of days.

Social Bunny Outside The App

Social media impacts our lives outside of our computers, in The Sims, it's no different. For example, if you're a frequent Social Bunny user, when chatting with people outside the virtual world, you'll have the option to use the "get advice on Social Bunny post." This can change your Sim's mood, there's a possibility that they become sad about their post, but they can also get a Confident moodlet if they create a great post.

Messages and posts can also change your Sim's mood – sending a flirty text or tagging someone in a flirty post can make your Sim flirty in a second but being tagged in a mean post or receiving a mean message can also infuriate them.

Throughout the day if you get notifications, a flashing yellow light will appear over the phone icon, you can turn these off directly on your phone but if you want to abandon Social Bunny altogether – as it's very easy to get sucked into – you can deactivate the app as well.

If you deactivate Social Bunny, you can always reactivate it later on at any time. There are no serious consequences.

Unfortunately, a virtual social life in The Sims won't make up for a live social life as messages and posts don't increase your Sims social need. This might change in a future update, but for now, you'll have to settle for actually having to hang out with your contact list rather than simply DM'ing them to up your social need.

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