The Sims 4 Kits: Everything Included In Fashion Street Kit

The Fashion Street kit for Sims 4 is inspired by the exciting fashion of Mumbai, India. With high contrast colors that pop off the clothes, iconic shapes and designs, and some cool extraordinary items, this kit truly represents the bubbling culture.

There is also a decent selection of items in this kit, with head accessories, both feminine and masculine tagged clothes with variety, and even a unique tattoo. While this is another pure fashion kit, it feels sizable and introduces a wide array of interesting items. Luckily, almost none of the items feel boring or ordinary.

9/9 Unisex Sandals

The Fashion Street kit introduces two pairs of shoes. They are not categorized under the feminine or masculine tags, which is nice to see.

One of the shoes is simpler, with a slipper feel and small leather straps attached as an accent. Whereas the other one has more flair, with straps surrounding the ankle for an exciting look. The texture on both of these feels nice and has that leathery look. The swatches also provide several color options, which is good considering how bright and bravely colored the kit is in general.

8/9 Shalwar-Style Trousers

The kit really shines with the more transformative clothing, whether it be tops or trousers. Luckily, the design team didn't shy away from capturing the essence of Indian fashion, as there are four different options for trousers in this kit, all of them taking cues from the traditional shalwar and other clothing native to the region.

The patterns and swatches on these are a treat as well. With colorful options and stark contrasts, they are sure to make your Sim stand out. While there are a few that could be textured better, especially in the waist drawstring area, the overall quality is not bad at all.

7/9 Textured Masculine Tops

While as not exciting as the bottoms, the masculine tops introduced in this kit are also looking pretty nice. There are three options in total, with small additions and accessories to make them stand out like custom content.

The fabric texture looks very nice, to begin with. They all look comfortable and realistic. The chains, patterns, and the necklace on these items also are very well put together and improve the items a lot. The swatches are nice too, having several neutral color options as well as more interesting patterns to make them pop.

6/9 Masculine Full-Body Outfits

While the bottoms and tops are all well-designed in this kit, the full-body outfits are where it's at. Introducing three unique full-body outfits under the masculine category, this kit doubles down on Mumbai fashion with these. They all take cues from the bottoms that were mentioned previously and expand on them.

The swatches make these items even more interesting, providing bright, attention-grabbing colors and patterns. The clothes themselves are designed really well, and it truly reflects the essence of this kit. Bright, great-looking clothes that you'd see in an Indian fashion show.

5/9 Vibrant And Patterned Feminine Bottoms

The bottoms under the feminine tag are just as fashionable as the masculine ones, if not more so. The colors are of course still at full brightness, making these items very eye-catching. However, the patterns are the real hero with these.

Implementing some traditional patterns and floral designs into the pants and skirt, the kit holds true to its promise, bringing Mumbai fashion to your screen. The fabric texture is also really nice, giving your sim a realistic and comfortable look. The swatches are nothing short of great too here, providing you with tons of patterns and colors to mix and match with the tops.

4/9 Simple And Stylish Feminine Tops

Interestingly, the kit introduces fewer tops under the feminine tag as opposed to the masculine tag. That's not a common sight, as the Sims developers seem to prioritize feminine clothing usually. Regardless, we get two tops that both look decent – one is a vest-like sleeveless shirt and the other is a top with some unique edges around the wrist and neck.

While these items are not bad by any means, they do leave a bit to be desired, especially considering how original and interesting some of the other items from this pack are. They're fine, with the swatches helping their case a little, but much more could be done with these.

3/9 Mumbai Inspired Feminine Full-Body Outfits

Luckily, the team apparently put all the effort into the full-body outfits. These three outfits are well impeccably designed and have all the flair that the tops do not. They look great, feeling like they jumped right out of a Mumbai event.

They have some very nice design intricacies, with cloth flowing over and under other parts, several types of cloth combined in the outfit, and some beautiful detailing. The colors are as bright and gorgeous as you'd expect, and the texture seems really nice. You could easily throw this on a Sim if you're taking them to an event. It should also be noted that the swatches double the effectiveness of these pieces with amazing patterns and colors.

2/9 Mehndi Hand Tattoo & Bracelet

The kit also introduces a hand tattoo and a bracelet. The bracelet is nothing too out of the ordinary, but it still looks quite nice. It's like a collection of bangles and looks very voluminous and attention-grabbing. It absolutely fits with the full-body outfits as well so that's really nice.

The other, more interesting item is a hand tattoo. This is a traditional temporary tattoo called Mehndi, and it's really cool to see it on Sims. These look great, especially with the several designs via the swatches.

1/9 Bold Accessories

Finally, the kit also includes four head accessories. These are a choker, an earring, sunglasses, and a small nose ring. While none of these items are transformational, they all look good enough and combine well with the other clothing items in the kit.

The earrings and the sunglasses especially are large and bold, usable as a fashion statement. The choker is also really nice because it fits with the full-body outfits perfectly. The swatches only change colors and not designs, but still, there's enough here to be happy with.

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