The Winter Soldier And Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat Hit Marvel's Avengers Later This Month

Crystal Dynamics has revealed that the Winter Soldier hero and the Omega-Level Cloning Lab threat will hit Marvel’s Avengers later this month. 

More specifically, both this new hero and this endgame raid-like experience will be available when Update 2.7 goes live on November 29. This update will also include “ongoing revisions and tuning to heroes that [the studio] started in 2.6.” 

“This Omega-Level Threat is a new endgame challenge headlined by a climactic confrontation with the deranged genius to end the danger once and for all,” a blog post reads. “The Lab is a challenging AIM base that players will navigate before facing off one last time against MODOK in a grand multiplayer fight. MODOK has developed new tactics since players confronted him in San Francisco, and is designed to test our heroes in this new four-against-one fight.

“As an OLT, Cloning Lab is designed to push a team of four high-level heroes, though it will be of similar accessible length to our previous OLT, Family Reunion. Cloning Lab requires Power Level 175 to enter [and] will reward both new gear and higher-level gear than ever before, with the power-level cap increasing to 185.” 

Update 2.7 will also bring James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes’ Winter Soldier to the game, voiced by Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Lego Marvel’s Avengers). 

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