The Winter War Blows In New Cards And Powers With Mythgard’s Second Expansion

Indie studio, Rhino Games Inc. recently confirmed the release of the second expansion for its free-to-play cyberpunk CCG, Mythgard. The Winter War expansion breathes some fresh air into the game by adding an entirely new storyline consisting of over 140 new cards, two new Powers, and two new Paths.

The Winter War expansion was officially revealed during a recent Mythgard Dev Stream, and was also accompanied by a gameplay trailer and a video explaining the lore of Mythgard up to and including The Winter War expansion. There’s also a lengthy Featured Decks blog post on the Mythgard website showcasing various specific deck builds. You can also read The Winter War Patch Notes for a bulleted list of the features and bug fixes included with the Patch 19.6 update.

The story supporting The Winter War expansion involves the six factions of Mythgard, both divided and united, and now forming two main parties, the Alliance and the Rebellion. Alliance decks focus on controlling the game board and overpowering your opponent, while the Rebellion deck seeks to balance its smaller numbers with powerful individual minions. Your allegiance to the Alliance or Rebellion affects how you experience the story and gameplay, from building your initial deck and through your interactions during matches.

The Winter War expansion also ushers in Mythgard’s first competitive season, which will ultimately lead up to the Mythgard World Championship currently scheduled for December 2021. According to the press release, the season’s competitions “will be broken down into six ranked ladder seasons and six qualification tournaments, which will take place between the ranked ladder seasons.” You can attempt to qualify for the Championship by playing and winning ranked ladder matches, or by playing and winning individual qualification tournaments. The Championship “will see the top 16 players of Mythgard go head-to-head for a share of the $20,000 prize pool.”

The press release doesn’t specify, but it seems that your path to the Championship is available on all three of Mythgard’s currently available platforms – Steam, iOS, and Android. To catch more info on the Championship and The Winter War expansion, click over to the Mythgard and Rhino Games websites, as well as the Mythgard Facebook and Twitter channels.

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