This Genshin Impact Demake Has Players Wishing For A Turn-Based JRPG

Though we may all prefer different art styles in our video games, there's one thing we can all agree upon – pixel art is timeless. The art style, coupled with the rogueite/lite genre, is responsible for bringing a whole host of talented indie studios into the spotlight. So, it's not surprising that whenever we see a pixel art demake of any game, it tends to look stylish.

The same can be said of this pixel art demake of Genshin Impact. As spotted by PCGN, the video was created by freelance pixel artist OhoDavi and features an encounter between some characters from Gensin Impact and an enemy. We can see Aether, Keqing, Zhongli and Ningguang flanked by some support characters fighting a Ruin Hunter.

The stylish 20-second video shows the party performing a Team-Up Attack on the Ruin Hunter, featuring attacks like Stellar Retoration, Thundering Might, and Starward Sword, to knock the enemy back and lay some massive damage on it with the following attacks. The artwork received quite a lot of traction on Twitter and everyone was in praise of the artist.

OhoDavi went on to mention that the entire scene was hand drawn, and it took them roughly one year – averaging two hours per day – to complete. It consists of 306 frames in total, and it took so long because they tried a number of different styles before settling on this one. "This is just fanart, i can't make a game by myself with this technical quality," they tweeted. "Thank you so much everyone.Sorry I can't answer all the comments. For the first time in my life, my art is liked by so many people."

While OhoDavi sure did create a splash with the amazing artwork in this video, it appears that Genshin Impact players were also creating splashes, albeit a bit more literally. During the Golden Apple Archipelago event of the live game, 529,583,177 hilichurls were defeated while 56,711,433 hilichurl encampments were sunk. However, it wasn't that easy from the start, as during the first week, more than 1.6 million players drowned.

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