This Week In Elden Ring: Ranni Simps, A Tougher Malenia, And PvP Balances

If there's one thing that this week's Elden Ring news has revealed, it's that we're all a bunch of masochistic, bloodthirsty, balance-seeking, Ranni simps. Her ending takes a lot more legwork to get done than the normal path, but it turns out that we’re such Ranni stans that most of us grinded to reach it. Oh, and fans even grinded to sort out an in-game battle royale – talk about a busy week.

Steam Achievements Reveal More Players Align With Ranni Than Themselves

You need to put in some extra work if you want to unlock some of Elden Ring's alternate endings, especially the Age of Stars. Ranni's quest is no joke – it spans across almost the entirety of the game and is filled with heartbreak, betrayal, and a fight against a cosmic nightmare that throws exploding galaxies at you.

Yet, according to Steam Achievements, more players unlocked the Age of Stars ending rather than the base Elden Lord ending. 25.6 percent of players sided with Ranni, while a mere 18.5 percent got the normal ending. "First time ever in a game I have seen the Default ending lose to an ending where you have to put extra work into," noted the Reddit user who found this information. "Truly a community of like-minded simps."

Malenia Was Originally Way Harder To Beat

You know how the Malenia fight is bullshit? It turns out FromSoftware originally intended it to be way worse. Most players probably meet their end when she unleashes her flurry attack. It not only shreds you to pieces, but each hit she lands – blocked or not – heals her a bit. It's hard to think that this fight could be any worse, but FromSoftware found a way.

Malenia can currently only use her flurry attack when she's down to 80 percent health, but this wasn't the case in the original build of the game. In that version, she could not only use the attack right from the start, but could perform it twice. Even worse, each flurry attack had its own cooldown, meaning she could possibly chain two of them together.

PvP Community Survey Calls For Balance Update

Last week, the PvP community was busy searching for alternate locations to host duels. This week, it's all about balance. is a website dedicated to the Elden Ring PvP community, whose biggest call to action is for a balance update to in-game duels.

The website hosted a survey, which revealed that almost 80 percent of the players who answered felt that the PvP was imbalanced and that the meta is dominated by glitches and exploits.

YouTuber Stages A Creature Battle Royale, Turtle Pope Comes Out On Top

We've seen Elden Ring bosses duke it out against one another thanks to BjornTheBear. This time the YouTuber has returned with a creature-feature battle royale, including two dozen of Elden Ring's worst monstrosities. The usual rules applied – the first three rounds were a free for all, and the last two included some health and damage scaling.

The first two rounds went to Miriel, the pacifist Turtle Pope who just sat there while the others killed each other off. Round three went to the horrifying Fingercreeper and the Fallingstar Beast took round four. The fifth and final round was a tough one, but the Giant Land Octopus ultimately came out victorious.

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