This Week In Overwatch 2: Ramattra Reaction, OWL Grand Final, And Unavailable Heroes

Overwatch 2 has just had its biggest week since launch. Not only did Blizzard unveil a new Hero, but we also witnessed a cracker of a match for the Overwatch League Grand Final. However, it appears that it's still finding its feet when it comes to Hero balancing, as well as the in-game store economy. Some aspects were so imbalanced that yet another Hero needed to be temporarily removed.

The Reaction To Ramattra

Blizzard revealed a new Tank class Hero for Overwatch 2 called Ramattra. Giving off Indian God vibes – thanks to the slight resemblance to Shiva and with 'Ram' in his name – his backstory revealed a close relationship with Zenyatta and the Omnic people. He comes with two different forms that can be changed on the fly – the offensive Nemesis form which gives him access to powerful punches, and the defensive Omnic form that gives him a barrier to protect his team. He’ll join the roster on December 6.

However, the hype of Ramattra's reveal was short-lived, as it was later revealed that he would only be available via the Battle Pass. This will lock out a lot of us from accessing him immediately, as you’ll have to grind through the track to unlock him, possibly taking weeks if you don't have the premium pass with its XP boost.

Things only got worse when players found out that they would have to grind all the way to level 55 – which is over halfway – on the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass to get access to Ramattra, much like Kiriko. Many accused Blizzard of making it so that players would need to pay for the premium pass to catch up.

Dallas Fuel Took The Overwatch League Grand Final

It was at the Overwatch League Grand Final that Blizzard announced Ramattra. This was the first OWL season since the launch of Overwatch 2, and the first one to be held in front of a live audience since the pandemic. The match itself was quite the spectacle – San Francisco Shock was one win away from the title when Dallas Fuel regrouped for a comeback and won the tournament 4-3.

Along with the trophy, the winners took home $1 million in prize money. San Francisco Shock was rewarded $500,000 for placing second overall.

Overwatch 1 Event Skins Should Be Purchasable With Legacy Points, Says Blizzard

Longtime Overwatch fans who had credits piled up from the first game were awarded Legacy Credits by Blizzard. However, it appeared that the developer was being its stingy self when Halloween skins from OW1 were marked as 'new' and weren't redeemable via Legacy Credits.

However, one Redditor wrote to Blizzard about this, and it turns out that it was an error. OW1 skins should not have been tagged as 'new', and should be redeemable via Legacy Credits. The customer support team asked them to submit a bug report after receiving their ticket.

Mei Temporarily Removed Due To Ice Wall Bug And Fans Fear Who's Next

Mei mains felt a chill down their spines when they learnt that the Hero would be temporarily disabled in Overwatch 2 due to a glitch with her abilities. It seems players were using her Ice Wall ability to reach areas on the map which they shouldn't be able to, kind of like how Sombra players were glitching into the payload. This prompted the dev to disable Mei, but you can expect her back on November 15.

With how Blizzard is handling these issues, Overwatch 2 players are worried that their favourite Hero will be the next to get sidelined. Plenty are already theorising on who is next in line for the temporary chopping block, with Brigitte being the common consensus. She can create an invincible shield with the help of Kiriko – a major exploit that could potentially ruin games.

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