This Week In Overwatch (3/29-4/4)

All eyes are on Blizzard now as players patiently await the arrival of Echo, the next damage-dealing character in Overwatch. While no solid release date has been provided, current speculation and previous release schedules point to an April launch, so we may see Echo arrive in the coming week.

As a high-mobility character than can glide while falling and fly in any direction for three seconds at a time, Echo is sure to be a nightmare for opponents with poor situational awareness, and flanking will take on whole new levels of strategy.

The Overwatch League has returned to some small manner of normalcy with its revised competitive schedule. Since all live events have been canceled to prevent the spread of Covid-19, teams have been reorganized to complete based on their region. This means that West Coast teams will not face off against Pacific Coast teams because issues of latency cannot be resolved to satisfy the strict requirements needed for these highly skilled players. Even the slightest latency difference could prove to be a game-winning advantage.

Fans can catch three matches today, with the Florida Mayhem taking on the Atlanta Reign at 4PM, the Seoul Dynasty vs the Los Angeles Gladiators at 6PM, and the Los Angeles Valiant against the San Francisco Shock at 8PM. Readers can click here to watch all the action live. Other games will be posted here, but not until this week’s matches have first been played.

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