Thor Merch Description Confirms Jane Foster Will Battle Cancer In Love And Thunder

The first trailer for the highly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder dropped earlier this week. While the less than 2-minutes trailer doesn't offer a ton of plot details, it does offer some first looks at what fans can expect from the film. It ends by offering the first glimpse at Natalie Portman’s turn as the Mighty Thor. While the trailer doesn’t offer the reason for Portman’s hammer-wielding, some new merchandise for the film may be filling in those gaps.

Collectibles site Eaglemoss has recently listed a replica of the film’s Mighty Thor helmet. The product description for the piece, while not yet confirmed by Marvel, seems to outline the how and why Portman’s Jane Foster character is wielding Mjolnir. Here's what the now-changed listing says:

“Suffering from cancer, astrophysicist and Thor’s ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, visited New Asgard and her life was changed forever. Mysteriously, the broken pieces of Mjolnir, the hammer of the thunder god, transformed her into the Mighty Thor and gifted her the superpowers of Thor, to battle threats internal and external. Wielding Mjolnir herself, she had become a godly protector and a new hero was born!”

While this plot description has not been confirmed, it does line up with the comic storyline for Jane Foster. Back in 2015, Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor series revealed Jane Foster to be battling breast cancer. Amid her cancer treatment, she is bestowed the power of Thor through Mjolnir. As Mighty Thor, Jane Foster helps keep Earth, and the galaxy, safe from foes like Malekith the Accursed, Mangog, and even Odin himself. However, her transformation into the Mighty Thor perpetuates her cancer as it purges all toxins, including the chemotherapy treatment, from her body.

Whether or not Thor: Love and Thunder will follow this storyline hasn'r been made clear yet, but it makes the most sense as a route to give Foster the hammer and bring Natalie Portman back into the fray. Plus, it lines up with the “sense of purpose” journey that the MCU has been pushing Hemsworth’s Thor towards in the past couple of films.

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