Thymesia – How To Defeat Mutated Odur

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Thymesia started in a rather interesting way. The Sea Of Trees was not a particularly difficult area to overcome, however, its boss, Odur, was easily one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. In fact, it took until the last boss for the game to even come close. Odur was a monstrous enemy, and one you were likely happy to see the back of.

Well, he’s back, and he’s out for revenge. Mutated Odur is very similar to his regular self. Many of his attacks share some semblance of what he once was, but as a whole, Mutated Odur is a completely different beast, who will require a new set of skills and timings if you want to come out on top.

Mutated Odur’s Overview

Mutated Odur is one of the many optional bosses hidden in Thymesia. He is locked away as the final Sub Quest in the Sea of Trees, and he immediately follows The God Of The Fools. Unlike the previous, Mutated Odur is not a gimmick. Far from it.

Mutated Odur’s Attacks

Mutated Odur, like with every difficult encounter in Thymesia, has a lot of attacks. His new mutated form also gives him access to some unique ranged attacks and sweeping attacks since he now has access to a strange, cloak-like, fleshy appendage. All of his tentacle-esque attacks have awkward ranges and timings – you have been warned.

Thankfully, Mutated Odur, unlike his regular self, only has one phase.

Jump AttackMutated Odur leaps at the player and slams his tentacle for massive damage.This is your standard jump attack. You’ve seen it before on other characters (including Odur), and deflecting it is just as simple. Mutated Odur has a long recovery time after using this, so you can sneak in a few hits.
Flailing Attack This is Mutated Odur’s most common attack (in our experience). He attacks four times, twice with his sword, twice with his tentacle. He will then delay, before launching a fifth and final attack. This final attack alternates between a Critical Attack and a non-Critical Attack. Both are powerful overheal slams, however.The timing on this attack is awkward as his tentacle has an unorthodox attack animation that makes it difficult to judge when you have to deflect. The real kicker is the finisher. Counter the Critical Attack with a Feather or Step Jump, and for the overhead, you are going to have to land a well-timed deflect as the AOE splash damage will likely catch you if you try and dodge.
Tentacle + StabMutated Odur attacks with his tentacle, then his sword arm glows yellow before unleashing a powerful thrust.This attack can deal huge damage, and both parts of this attack can catch you out. Starting with a tentacle attack is always awkward due to the tricky timing, but the stab can also be a pain since it has a delayed wind-up but a near-instant follow-through. You can’t dodge this attack easily since it has amazing tracking and a huge range. You have to learn the deflect timing.
AOE ExplosionMutated Odur glows yellow and then unleashes a damaging explosion.Run away. This isn’t an Ultimate Attack, but it is not worth the risk of taking approx 150 damage. You see Mutated Odur glow, and you run.
Tentacle SweepMutated Odur sweeps with his tentacle twice, with a delay between each swing.This attack is just as awkward as any tentacle attack, but the large delay and slow animation make it fairly simple to nail the deflect window.
Stab + Back DashMutated Odur stabs the player, then quickly falls back. This attack will lead to several ranged attacks.This attack is awkward as it puts a lot of distance between you and Mutated Odur. He will almost always follow this attack up with one of his longer-ranged attacks to keep you at a distance. The counter is to simply deflect the stab's clear telegraph, and then wait to see what he does next.
Tentacle Sweep + Back dashMutated Odur slowly sweeps his tentacle in front of him before falling back.This attack, like with Stab + Backdash is used to put distance between you and Mutated Odur. He will follow this up with ranged attacks, so be careful. This attack doesn’t deal much damage, but the sweep is so slow that the timing is incredibly awkward to nail. Dodging backwards might be your best option.
4-Hit Tentacle Stab ComboMutated Odur will use this at a range, but he is not against using it at point blank either (it’s just much rarer). Mutated Odur stabs 4 times, with deceptive range, with each stab having a slight delay and dealing high damage.You can’t avoid this one. The range is massive. The timing is very similar to the common spear-wielding enemy's 3-hit combo you have encountered before. Just remember that this one is a 4-hit combo!
Critical Attack – Ranged AttackMutated Odur will glow green, jump in the air, and then unleash a powerful long-range attack that deals massive damage.Mutated Odur will only do this at a distance. The best way to counter it is to immediately throw a feather when he glows green. This will knock him back to the floor, and stagger him. Use this opportunity to sprint towards him and continue the fight.
Ultimate Attack Mutated Odur will only use this attack once he is below half health. He will briefly flash red before grabbing the player and dealing massive damage.This attack is brutal. It comes out shockingly fast, and you have very little time to react. The best defence would be to try and run away, or, dodge behind him so his grab misses. The timing on both counters is incredibly awkward and you might just get grabbed anyway. Make sure you have plenty of Health.

Recommended Talents

Mutated Odur, like with every boss fight, is very susceptible to deflection. This makes Precision Deflection a must-take talent. It is far too good to pass up, and it will shorten this fight substantially.

In addition to this, you want Long Claw. Long Claw is an excellent Claw upgrade that lets you unleash a rapid 2-hit combo for huge damage. The moment Mutated Odur is out of White Health, swap to Long Claw and finish the fight that way.

Finally, Long Dodge is our preferred dodge upgrade. It can be used to put distance between you and your target, or, to close that distance. It’s excellent, just beware of the longer recovery time after your second dodge.

Battle Strategy

Mutated Odur is a difficult fight, but the strategy for beating him is largely the same as any other boss. You want to deflect as much as possible, which means you just have to learn his timings. His tentacle attacks are the true enemy here, as their animations make it difficult to find the right window, however, Mutated Odur is surprisingly forgiving.

Mutated Odur does not have many attacks he can combo into other attacks. This fight is very much a back and forth, which means you can easily heal between combos and not get punished. The only exception is when he falls back, as he will throw out several long-range attacks and end it with his Critical Attack 100 percent of the time.

Since Mutated Odur will fall back from time to time, and you don’t want him to heal, remember to throw Feathers. Feathers are incredibly useful for extending the time it takes for healing to kick in, so space them out, and keep his health nice and low.

With Mutated Odur down, you are done with the Sea Of Trees.

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