Training Simulator Codes For November 2022 – Roblox

Get the newest codes for Training Simulator here, a Roblox game that is all about training your character to get as big as possible. This is a classic kind of game that continues to see loads of popularity – build your muscles, upgrade your character, and climb the server leader board. Got what it takes to become the biggest in town? You're going to have to take on a bunch of different fights to get there. Good luck.

We check our codes regularly – you can redeem them in Training Simulator for free pets and boosts.

We added new codes on November 7. More new codes are expected as the game gets more likes, so keep checking back!

All Training Simulator Codes

Here are all the latest Training Simulator codes in November 2022.

460ktricepsStrength and crystalsActive (NEW CODE)
fitness450Strength and crystalsActive (NEW CODE)
lift440kStrength and crystalsActive
sunshines10Free Sun Sworn pet!Active
weight430Strength and crystalsActive
420musclesStrength and crystalsActive
410ktricepsStrength and crystalsActive
lavarise3Free Lava PetActive
fitness400Strength and crystalsExpired
410ktricepsStrength and crystalsExpired
fitness280Strength and crystalsExpired
lift170kStrength and crystalsExpired
lift390kStrength and crystalsExpired
lift340kStrength and crystalsExpired
360ktricepsStrength and crystalsExpired
weight380Strength and crystalsExpired
190ktricepsStrength and crystalsExpired
fitness160Strength and crystalsExpired
weight140Strength and crystalsExpired
100musclesStrength and crystalsExpired
lift60kStrength and crystalsExpired
40musclesStrength and crystalsExpired
fitness30700 Strength and 300 crystalsExpired
20ktriceps300 Strength and 140 crystalsExpired
RELEASEDAYFree Angel PetExpired
lift10k650 strength crystals and other boostsExpired

Make sure to copy and paste those codes directly – capitals, numbers, and punctuation all matter.

How To Redeem Codes In Training Simulator 2

To redeem codes, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the game
  • Grab a link from our table above
  • Click on the Codes button (you can see it in the picture above)
  • Enter the code and enjoy!

If the code doesn't work, make sure that you've copied it exactly from our list and if the code still doesn't work, it's likely because it has expired. Check back soon for more new codes.

How To Get More Training Simulator 2 Codes

The best way to keep track of when new codes are released is to bookmark this page. We check for new codes every day so you don't have to. New codes are provided by the developer on Twitter (@Cadlem_) and the game's official Discord server, if you want to stay up to date with update news, sneaks, giveaways, and of course, fresh codes.

What Is Training Simulator?

Training Simulator 2 is the latest Roblox strength game, and it joins classics like Strongman Simulator as trying to do something different with the genre. The premise is the same: you train your character by completing tasks and objectives, and your character grows physically larger. Once you're big enough, you can move to other worlds, get more upgrades, and get involved with even bigger fights.

Latest Training Simulator Update

The game is now live and free-to-play! You can jump right in here. The latest update added new worlds and new moves, new fights, a new safe zone (so you can train without getting beat up on), and the ability to trade between players. Have fun out there getting as big as you can!

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