Triangle Strategy: Chapter 8, Part 1 – The Weather Vane

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  • Side Story: Hierophant's Palace
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Voting Event: Castle Wolffort
  • How To Persuade People To Accept Silvio's Proposal
  • How To Persuade People To Reject Silvio's Proposal

After the very tough battle you survived in the last chapter, you have a bit of a breather. The story of Triangle Strategy has been on fire for the past few chapters, and now you can rest easy with a short period of rest. You still have something to do though, and it's another vote.

This choice isn't as gigantic as when you voted to shelter Prince Roland from the Aesfrosti, but it's still a choice that will affect the next few story beats. Think it over and prepare to convince your allies.

Side Story: Hierophant's Palace

The Saintly Seven of Hyzante have gathered to discuss the goings-on in Glenbrook and what their next steps should be.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Serenoa stands at his father's bedside, imploring him to wake up. Shortly, it's brought to his attention that Lord Silvio Telliore desires an audience.

Voting Event: Castle Wolffort

Lord Silvio has offered Serenoa a proposition: to join the three high houses of Glenbrook and fight back against Aesfrost. Serenoa decides that he must consult his allies and the Scales of Conviction. You know by now what this means: a voting event with some items and information to pick up!

The two options here are:

  • Accept Silvio's proposal and make for Telliore.
  • Reject Silvio's proposal.

Before trying to persuade your allies to go along with your choice, talk to the Concierge and explore the streets of Wolffort to get some nice loot and crucial info.

Items, Notes, And Information

Large HP Recovery Pellet x2In the house on the top level, opposite the castle.
Rear Guard's CloakExamine the tree next to the house at the top of the stone stairs.
LeatherNear the canal in front of the house with a shield on it, on the middle level.
Quality FiberIn one of the corners next to the right-hand stairs, where a stall used to be.
Enchanting Spice x2In the house to the right of where the markets used to be.
House Telliore's MightSpeak to the Wolffort Soldier standing against the stone stairs.
House Wolffort's WeaknessSpeak to the Wolffort Soldier on the bottom level of town.
Lord Silvio's LoyaltySpeak to the man in red on the bottom level of town.

Conviction Conversations

Conviction Conversation: Wolffort Townperson
I fear there is aught you can do. The issue is between the two of them and must be resolved as such.Utility
Children are the ones who suffer most when parents fight. I think your efforts are best spent helping them reconcile.Morality
There is naught to be gained by forcing themselves to stay together. Separating and starting new lives is for the best.Liberty
Conviction Conversation: Saltmonger
House Telliore is wealthy and well connected. I doubt they would be easily crushed by the duchy.Utility
For better or worse, Lord Silvio is unchanging. I could stand to learn something from his ever-composed example.Morality
If worst comes to worst, your family is always welcome in Wolffort. But Lord Silvio leads one of the three high houses and would do whatever it takes to protect his demesne.Liberty

With all items picked up and information gathered, you can start persuading your allies.

Participant Leanings
In favor of Accepting Silvio's ProposalRoland, Anna, Erador
In favor of Rejecting Silvio's ProposalFrederica, Geela, Hughette

While you only need to convince Benedict for a majority, you'll get more Conviction points if you try to convince everyone you can.

How To Persuade People To Accept Silvio's Proposal

Roland, Anna, and Erador are already in favor of heading to Telliore's demesne to ally with him. This means you really only have to persuade Benedict if you want to head that way.

This option is considered a Morality choice, so you'll have better chances if you have a higher Morality Conviction.

Persuading Benedict To Accept Silvio's Proposal
First QuestionNo matter the course, we will need greater numbers to see it through. Joining hands with a fellow high house will expand the paths available to us.
Second QuestionRequires House Telliore's Might: I would ally with him only to ensure our survival. I am certain both his house's might and their name would serve us well.

How To Persuade People To Reject Silvio's Proposal

As Frederica, Geela, and Hughette are already convinced that this is the proper course of action, you only need to convince Benedict to get a majority.

This option is a Liberty choice, so you'll want a high Liberty score for the best chances.

Persuading Benedict To Reject Silvio's Proposal
First QuestionWe never know when the Aesfrosti army will strike next. Is it truly safe to leave our demesne at a time like this?
Second QuestionI think it best we ready our own forces before recklessly looking to others for help.

Once you have made your choice, it will take effect immediately. Onwards!

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