Twitch Streamer Nearly Sets Kitchen On Fire During Subathon

Subathons have become pretty popular on Twitch. If you're yet to jump on the bandwagon, a subathon is a live stream, the length of which is extended every time someone makes a sub. Streamers can put a cap on the runtime of their subathon or, like Kelly ‘kjanecaron’ Caron decided to do, they can leave the length of the subathon uncapped, allowing it to run for as long as viewers keep making subs. The content of these streams can be almost anything, and kjanecaron decided to cook.

As highlighted by Dexerto, things didn't appear to be going all that well in the culinary department for kjanecaron as their kitchen started to fill with smoke. That then led to the pan she was using catching fire, understandably causing her to panic. The streamer then made the mistake of trying to put the fire out with water. As highlighted by helpful viewers after the fact, that only makes oil fires worse.

Her panic growing by the second, kjanecaron then waved the pan around, causing flames to flick out of the pan and onto various other areas of her kitchen. As the stream continued, kjanecaron called for help. She eventually called the fire department who came to her aid and thankfully, the damage appears to be minimal. Kjanecaron has revealed since the stream that other than a minor burn to her hand, she's okay.

As touched upon above, the reactions to kjanecaron's kitchen fire have been mixed. As is the case with pretty much everything on the internet, plenty of people, whether they were watching live or not, have rushed in to point out what she did wrong. Trying to put an oil fire out with water, waving the pan around, etc. However, others have been more sympathetic, highlighting logic often goes out the window when you're in a situation like that.

Highlighting what she did wrong and what you would have done right is the equivalent of doing better than a contestant on a game show when you're watching at home. It's far more difficult when the studio lights are on you, or in this instance when your house is at risk of burning down. Kjanecaron has been urging people to share the clip, saying, “if I’m gonna fuck myself up, at least let me exploit it.” Perhaps it will teach others who don't already know not to try and extinguish an oil fire with water.

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