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Clubs are a great way to get your students to use their free time proactively in Two Point Campus. Not only that, but students will often want to belong to a club, so making sure they have plenty of options is a very good idea.

One club that you'll unlock early in the game is the Book Club. It sounds nerdy, and it sorta is – members of the Book Club will be the best in their classes thanks to a boosted learning skill, so it's great for levels where you're running difficult courses.

How To Unlock Book Club

To unlock the Book Club, you'll need to earn one star on the Mitton University level. After the initial objectives, which have you building a Training Room and learning how to better take care of your machinery, you'll be presented with your first set of level objectives:

  • Reach Campus Level 12.
  • Have ten level six Robotics students.
  • Complete two research projects.
  • Build a Robot.

To complete these objectives, just play the game normally. You'll have plenty of Robotics students leveling up and building robots – improve your equipment and train better teachers to make sure they level up quicker!

Once you've earned this star, you'll unlock both the Book Club Stand and the club's first item, the Bookworm. Place the stand to open a Book Club, and watch as your students start signing up. You don't need an Assistant at hand to man the stand, but one would help boost recruitment, as would clicking the prioritize button when clicking on the stand.

The Benefits Of Book Club

Students who join the Book Club can use the club's items to increase the rate at which they learn! For every level they have in the club, they'll increase their learning by one percent when using a club item.

Students level up when using club items, and will need bigger and more expensive items once they reach a certain level. As this happens, the club itself will gain levels, allowing more students to join.

Book Club Items

While you start with the Bookworm unlocked, you'll have to unlock the other two Book Club items with Kudosh.


This item costs $1,000 to place and is unlocked automatically. Students use this (and the other items) to gain the Book Club's increased learning effects. It can be used by students from levels one to three in the Book Club.

If you think the item looks a bit too silly, try placing it inside a Library – it fits in perfectly there and will help your students study better!

Big Book

Once students hit level four in the Book Club, they must use the Big Book to gain the club's bonus. They can use this until level six. The Big Book costs 25 Kudosh to unlock, $5,000 to place, and is a bit larger than the Bookworm.

Book Club Bookcase

The final Book Club item is this huge bookcase and is used by the upper echelons of the Book Club – levels seven through ten. It costs 50 Kudosh to unlock and a whole $10,000 to place, but you'll need to eat the cost if you want to take advantage of the best Book Club effects.

If you don't want to take up much room in your buildings, try placing it outside.

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