Unofficial Animal Crossing: New Horizons Companion App Helps Tracks Everything You Do

New and veteran players alike are getting deep into the experience of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and there is an abundance of information to track in order to keep up with everything going on in the real-time world. To help, there is an informative app that can keep track of important and time sensitive information for Android — the ACNH Companion.

This app offers several functions. First, there is a complete (or nearly complete, as the developer says he will be adding to it often) Wiki detailing all of the available fish, bugs, fossils, villagers, and furniture that can be acquired as a player progresses through the game. Collections can also be tracked, and soon this will extend to the new crafting system and the tools that can be made there.

This can be a big help since each month has its own range of collectibles, and using the app helps make sure that a player has found everything they need before it rotates out. Players can also add the specific villagers from their island into the app, which can be great for tracking their birthdays and other important events.

Be sure to check out this app here in the Google Play store, and here for a different one for iOS!

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