Valheim: How To Create Fireworks

With perilous bosses to conquer, dangerous lands to overcome, and perfectly to scale Lord of the Rings structures to recreate, Valheim is full of success stories and celebrations. But while other popular games might have emotes or cosmetics to acknowledge your victory, Valheim has fireworks.

These momentary bursts of joy and light don’t have any effect in the game, but nevertheless can be used to celebrate back at base, or even to signal players further afield if you’re desperate. Deploying fireworks in Valheim is very simple and this guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do to have your own party. Its also possible for players to do from very near the beginning of the game, as long as they don’t mind using some valuable resources.

What You Need To Make Fireworks In Valheim

Unlike nearly everything else in Valheim, fireworks aren’t crafted in your typical fashion. They can’t be stored in your chests or carried around. Instead, they are an immediate reaction when a Surtling Core is placed inside a fire. So you’ll need a fire source, such as a campfire, bonfire, or heath and at least one Surtling Core.

Surtling Core’s can be found in Burial Chambers in the Black Forest as well as occasionally dropped by Surtlings in the Swamp biome. They are extremely important in the early game as you begin to set up your smelters and kilns and begin developing metal tools and weapons, as well as creating portals between bases, so don’t go using them all on your Troll slaying celebration.

How To Launch Fireworks In Valheim

Once you’ve got all your ingredients and double-checked you don’t need any Surtling Cores for any other project, you’re ready to launch. You’ll probably want to wait until night time to fire the Core for the greatest effect. To do this, add the Core to your hot bar, and use it while looking at a lit fire.

You’ll see text saying “You throw some Surtling Core into the fire” and see a streak of light racing towards the sky. Wait a couple of seconds and the streak will pop with sparkles and colours exactly like a firework. A moment the light will fade, but the memory of your achievements will last one forever. Or you could throw another Scurtling Core in and keep the party going.

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